An Army of Davids

To quote Instapundit today we have a great example of what such an army looks like via Michelle Malkin. She has followed the path of passengers on flight 327.

This weekend, dogged Washington Times reporter Audrey Hudson previewed a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s report on the handling–and mishandling–of Flight 327. Longtime readers will remember this incident as an airline security object lesson on the need for passengers to say something when they see something. Thirteen Middle Eastern men aroused the suspicion of federal air marshals, flight crew, and passengers with disruptive, red-flag behavior at takeoff and landing. Freelance writer Annie Jacobsen was on the flight in June 2004 and bravely blew the whistle on security lapses and bureaucratic incompetence.

A change in Rhetoric

Nancy Pelosi returned from Greenland and announced that she saw climate change happening! Not Global Warming, but Climate Change. ROFL.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) said Monday she led a congressional delegation to Greenland, where lawmakers saw “firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality,” and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue.

Um……climate change is reality. Do these people not take history courses??
In other news from the same article, history gets rewritten as it becomes George W. Bush’s fault that the US has not signed onto Kyoto vs the entire Senate back in 1997 when they voted to let President Clinton know that Kyoto didn’t have a chance in hell of getting passed. (this vote included all the Democrats and all the Repulicans present. 97)

rejected that accord, saying it would harm the U.S. economy and unfair excludes developing countries like China and India from its obligations. Pelosi, who strongly disagrees with that decision and many other of Bush’s environmental policies, said Friday she said she wants to work with the administration rather than provoke it.

In the meantime while scientists continue to pretend they can predict the weather with accuracy a report shows that we’ve had bad hurricane seasons before now. Studying soil samples for the last 5000 years…..

what he found may have profound implications for our understanding of the effects of global warming on violent storms. The frequency of fierce storms that sweep into the Caribbean and onto the Puerto Rican island of Vieques varies considerably. There are stormy periods and more placid epochs — and they alternate back and forth.

I’m all for reducing pollution/emmissions/bad stuff in the air/reliance on the Middle East and Venezuela. We really should do it honestly though. Not by fear mongoring “climate change”.

UPDATE: I searched for this story earlier but couldn’t find it quickly. (I wonder why)

U.S. carbon dioxide emissions dropped slightly last year even as the economy grew, according to an initial estimate released yesterday by the Energy Information Administration.

The 1.3 percent drop in CO{-2} emissions marks the first time that U.S. pollution linked to global warming has declined in absolute terms since 2001 and the first time it has gone down since 1990 while the economy was thriving. Carbon dioxide emissions declined in both 2001 and 1991, in large part because of economic slowdowns during those years.

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Negotiations (?)

Omar hit the nail on the head today as to how negotiations between the US and Iran over Iraq will work out. Not.

We send bigger ships to the gulf. The MSM notes that we’ve sent covert ops in to Iran. We accuse them of supplying arms to Iraqi insurgents. They offer to train Iraqis. Sheesh, you couldn’t negotiate yourself further in the lunch line with conditions like this.

Powerline discusses trust issues via David Ignatius and why negotiations are silly here.

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Well now old Mr. Hugo Chavez has decided that yet another tv station and a radio station are no longer good for the people.

Venezuela’s government has accused a TV station of inciting a murder attempt on President Hugo Chavez, hours after taking another network off the air.

It said footage shown on Globovision implicitly called for Mr Chavez to be killed. The station denies the claim.

Police fired tear gas and plastic bullets as thousands protested across the country against the earlier closure of Venezuela’s oldest TV network.

Mr Chavez said Radio Caracas TV (RCTV) had tried to undermine his government.

Can you imagine what his reaction would be if it was Mr. Bush shutting down free speech for trying to “undermine his government”?

UPDATE: For way better commentary than mine, go read The Anchoress. That woman can blog/link and she notes the MSM complicity with Mr. Chavez in the headlines of their articles concerning TV/Radio in Venezuela. Go….

Move along now, nothing to see here.

The Chinese have sentanced Zheng Xiaoyu, who served as director of China’s Food & Drug Administration from its founding in 1998 until mid 2005 to death.

The unusually harsh sentence for the former director comes at a time of heightened concerns about the quality and safety of China’s food and drug system after a series of scandals involving tainted food and phony drugs

I know that translations can be a problem, so let me help out here. “Sacrifical Lamb” is what we would call Mr. Ziaoyu. Of course the reference is biblical so it may not translate the same!

UPDATE: the bloodthirstyliberal must get up earlier than I do for news scanning. I love his/her title of the post concerning this.

“Burying the Problem”