Apparently Hell has frozen over

Why? Because I agree with Hugo Chavez on his Drudge quote today.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez demanded Pope Benedict apologize to Indians in Latin America for saying this month in Brazil that the Roman Catholic Church purified them.

Apparently the Pope had said that

the Church had not imposed itself on the indigenous peoples of the Americas.

Puhleasse! Makes you wonder about that Mohommed comment he made earlier when he can’t even get these more recent facts straight.

ps – of course this is a Reuters story and I haven’t bothered to double check the quote. Apologies forthcoming as needed!

The Immigration Bill

I have to be honest, I haven’t read the Immigration Bill. LOL

However my thoughts on immigration would not include “temporary” work visas specific for low income labor without an added part concerning financing and increasing the orderly entry of workers who want to come.

The enforcement of our borders is a completely secondary thing that really should have 0 to do with what to do with current illegal immigrants or how to deal with future immigrants.

1. If this country needs more workers specific to unskilled labor, then immigration numbers for such workers should be increased and entry made more rapidly.

2. Those who are here illegally now should not be rewarded by getting any kind of card. They need to get themselves back home and add themselves to the line (which should move rapidly) from number 1.

3. Our borders should be enforced well enough that a million illegal immigrants cannot pass through every year and number 1 should work well enough that no immigrant wanting a better life would WANT to try to go through our borders illegally. Now you could concentrate on those illegal immigrants who are clearly hoodlums trying to get in.

Keep it Simple!
I’m thinking my plan would be less than 1000 pages by a long shot.


In light of what’s been going on in Gaza with Qassam rockets flying into Israeli schools and Israel getting smeared in the papers for fighting back, a little, I thought this deserved “quote of the week”, via The BloodThirsty Liberal.

One thing I haven’t said enough (to my taste): war without end is immoral. There must be a purpose to killing. Israel is shackled, permitted (by Washington, Europe, the UN, et al) to kill only enough terrorists to maintain the status quo. Where’s the justice in that—for anybody?