You could have seen this coming a mile away.

For years defenders of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have harped on what they described as the domination of the country’s independent media by his opponents — proof, it was said, that Chavez was no dictator. Two weeks from today that argument will lose all credibility. By then, Radio Caracas Television, or RCTV, Venezuela’s most popular television network, will almost certainly be off the air — on Chavez’s personal order.

Remember – he has all the authority now. Graciously given to him by his congress.

Fed uppedness

Ralph Peters is fed up. As is Dinocrat. Both see the politics of playing nice with terrorists as bogging us down.
I’m not close enough to know one way or the other but I found it curious that both of these folks have come out with this. I thought Petraeus was changing the rules of engagement to enhance our abilities.

Here’s your sign

A very special stupid sign to the teachers of Scales Elementary School in Tennessee who decided that terrorizing children would be a learning experience.

Teachers at a US school have been criticised after staging a fake gun attack during a class trip, telling children it was not a drill.

That which doesn’t kill us may make us stronger but it also may send us to therapy!