September 2007

Today the Washington Post has a news story on, well, hope I suppose. When General Petraeus was here a few weeks ago he mentioned that he would have a decent idea of how things were going with the surge plan in September of this year.

Todays Post now points to September as being the be all end all in a lot of people’s minds. Kind of like a “benchmark” date for funding the troops. The Dems of course want us out and the Republicans don’t want to run on the issue. Two things.

1. The issue is going to be there next year whether Hillary or Romney or anyone else wants it to be otherwise. If we’re still there it’s an issue and if we’re not there it’s an issue. Iraq isn’t going to dry up and blow away.

2. Doesn’t it make you wonder what those running al-Qaeda are thinking right now? They’ve just read the Post article. September is it. If things aren’t turned around by September then no one in America is going to support staying there. (It isn’t clear what’s meant by “turned around” by the way.)
So as a good al-Qaedian do you:

a) hold back right now and make the evil Americans feel safe. Get them to go into the neighborhoods and make good friends and then pour it on in September when everyone will be watching? or do you
b) keep steady pressure on now so that there is no change at all by September?

I think my own evil mind would go for ‘a’ because of the spectacularness of it.

The good part, for us, being that the more Americans that are there in the neighborhoods and making folks feel safe the more the people of Iraq see that we are the good guys and don’t want to occupy anyone. So by September the big rush would only be a rush by al-Qaedians and not by the other folks there fighting. The other good part being that al-Qaeda is not good at winning hearts and minds. They can’t do it by killing school girls anyway. The longer al-Qaeda fights the locals the stronger the locals will stand up. You’re an Iraqi. You’ve got these Americans all over your homeland. And you’ve got these al-Qaedians all over your homeland. And now you’ve got these al-Qaedians threatening you. There is a line in the sand for most people.

A few Links to read today

China and their food/drug supply has been in the news a lot lately so I’ll link to this one too. Instapundit has a piece on a new bizarre disease in hogs in China.
Changes are going on in Northern Ireland as unionists and republicans form a new powersharing government. That’s HUGE!
Special Forces “detain nine suspected al-Qaeda members near Balad”. Not our super special forces but the Iraqi Special Forces! Cool.


In the first 100 hours (is it still within the first 100 hours?) of Democrat control they have decided to offer up some very important legislation that will improve the lot of people in this country…no, that will help to make the world a better place….no, that will keep people safe from…no……

That will pay reparations to citizens of a country that were saved from becoming a wing of the Japanese in WWII. The reparations are to pay them for the crimes committed against them by the Japanese!!!

You can’t make this stuff up.

So this will what? Make the Guamians like us? Make the Japanese like us? Point out to the world that we have unlimited resources and are clearly in control of everything else why would we take responsibility for this?

I’m drawing a blank. More research:

Apparently we agreed after WWII to pay the suffering people of Guam. So a study was conducted starting in 2002 and recommendations made in 2004. This more recent story says that Bordallo from Guam who introduced the bill in March this year figures that with a Democratic congress this thing may pass.

The bill targets the U.S. to pay for reparations because Washington agreed that Japan would have no further war-related debts when their World War II peace treaty was signed.

I’d agree just as long as we also agree to pay reparations to every service man and woman who put their life on the line while there. Sheesh.