Milblog Conference Eve

On such a date as today, as I leave on a jet plane to go to DC for the 2nd annual Milblog Conference the word gets out about new army regulations concerning army bloggers. Essentially everything put on the internet from blogs to emails to comments on other blogs are to be checked by security before hitting the send button.

Instapundit has a nice little linkfest to the decision.

OPFOR says “Aw, Hell”

In From the Cold has a few words.

Andisworld of Milblog Conference fame remains ever charitable for now.

And the Washington Post has a nice writeup today.

At Acute Politics you can read an awesome journal from a military blogger. Mr. Teflon Don will be getting a book deal when he gets out, count on it. (Start with May 2, then today and then await the 3rd part in his series, then check him every day)

Anyhow, this is what I have to say about it. The Army doesn’t get it. Every day the media is out to slam the services. American Thinker (ht DD of commenting fame) writes an article about how/why they are going about this slam. Read the whole thing, but read the following:

The press is conducting an information war against the military to discredit it, and by so doing hopes to collapse the remaining support for “Bush’s War”.

All reasonable people understand the absolute critical need to win the war in Iraq. It is helpful, desirable, and needed to debate in good faith as long as the joint objective is winning in Iraq. Without a doubt, the key to winning this war is the will of the American People to continue supporting the fight. Each downtick in the polls for support of the war by the American People lowers the possibility that the military will be able to carry on the war to a victory.

It is not that we lack the capacity. We, in the military, have the will in spades. But we are, in the end, the Military of the American People, and must have their support; not only to fund the war, but also to maintain morale and a strong fighting spirit. This support of the US Military by the American People is the goal that most in the mainstream media hope to undermine. Why they would do this is a topic for a different article. The fact is that they are actively trying to discredit the US Military.

A final question for the media
What would happen in the war in Iraq and to the terrorists across the world if our press put as much effort into supporting the war that they do in trying to sabotage it?

Gerd Schroeder is a Major in the Army. I suspect he’ll have things to say about this blogging rule soon. But in the meantime he sees that the MSM is not getting the other side out. And he sees how important the American People are to this war. The MSM exist for the big news. Not the regular news. That’s where the new media has come into being.

Back in, jeez what what it, 2003?, I got sick of reading all the bad news and thought there has to be other news out there. Guess where I found it? That’s right, give yourself a lollypop. On-line. I started with Iraq the Model and then Chrenkoff and Diplomad. Froggy Ruminations and then onto the ones still going on like Blackfive and Mudville Gazette and OPFOR. All of these sources not only allowed me to round out my knowledge of what the heck is going on out there but they also got me more involved in writing letters to congress people and joining Soldiers Angels.

I live in Boulder County Colorado. The Berkeley of this state. Because of a much more rounded sense of what’s going on (and I don’t even come close to pretending I am well educated in this stuff) I can hold my own in any discussion with any knee jerk antiwar liberal around here. Especially those who only get their information from the MSM! Even the hostile ones have been known to give me a hmmm? now and then. I couldn’t do it before blogs. I knew I supported the war but I couldn’t have held my own in a discussion.

Those milblogs are a requirement for getting the word out. I can understand the worry over secrets. So before just cancelling blogs they need a system for confirming that blogs are safe, or they need vows of discretions from blogging soldiers or something. The timing of this announcement right before Milblog Conference 2007 I suspect will rouse the soldiers of information and this won’t last long in the form it’s been presented.

Like I said milblogs are a requirement in this war here on the home front. Our administration sucks at getting word out about things. They need milblogs. Because here’s the deal. I’m just a regular gal in the middle of this country. I work 9-5 and then play the rest of the time. I don’t influence much more than those around me. If it’s important to me and if milblogs have worked to shape my opinions, then they have worked for other regular Joes and Joanns out there. Once with bigger circles and even more influence. They are required.