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So I had questions about my previous post concerning my wish that President Bush speak up a little more and at least attempt to “lead” those of us who still support him. My questioner said he had just given 2 speeches, didn’t I like them?

Well – I hadn’t even really heard much of them. So I got onto and read the Tipp City speech.

“yadda, yadda, Saddam was evil, yadda, people want liberty, yadda, not surprised the Iraqis braved…yadda, yadda.”

I got onto the Washington Post siteregarding the speech to see what I had missed there. Not much. The article is basically about the Reid statement concerning us having “lost” the war.

So then onto the 2nd speech. This one in East Grand Rapids. And what do you know, he did give a decent speech. At a frigging high school in East Grand Rapids to the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan. Uh, Who??

Here is the Washington Post rundown. Including

The president delved deeper into details of his Iraq strategy than he usually does in such appearances, using the monitors to illustrate troop movements and to show photographs conveying the horror of the violence in Iraq. He promised more detailed reports on Iraq during speeches in coming weeks.

“The nature of a strategy aimed at securing the population is that the most important gains are often the least dramatic,” he said. “Day by day, block by block, Iraqi and American forces are making incremental gains in Baghdad.”

And he promised more speeches in days to come.

So maybe, I jumped the gun. We’ll see, but in the meantime, besides Rich Galen, Power and Control would also be interested in hearing directly from the President.

BTW I’m sure it is too far above your pay grade, but our war leaders are really letting us down by not getting more news and views of the troops out.

War is 3/4s morale. The DOD and the President are letting the home front down.

The message is simple:

There is a democratically elected government in Iraq under attack by the disgruntled, by Nazi emulating Baathists, and by external forces. This Iraqi government may fall at the next election. We will not let it fall to violence.

(power and control is now added to the blogroll by the way)

Go ahead Mr. President. Speak to us! Share what you can and be honest and yourself about it!

Said questioner above, just sent me this link to Charlie Rose interview with President Bush today. Keep it coming sir!

The UN: Working with the Dems

The UN is apparently working with Democrats now as it officially condemns human rights conditions in Iraq since the surge!

The UN mission for Iraq said Iraqi authorities had failed to guarantee the basic rights of about 3,000 people they had detained in the operations.

The report said four million Iraqis were at risk because of lack of food.

“Lack of food”. Has anyone else heard this is a problem there?

In the meantime hyscience has written a letter to Joe Lieberman. (ht Wizbang) I forgot that Joe can essentially fire Harry Reid of loser fame anytime he feels like it by switching parties. Conveniently he/she has included Joe’s phone number so you all can give him a call and encourage him too. (ps he/she also has the best blog roll of news sources around! I’ve added the site to mine.)

For today’s Harry Reid quote, I go to the NYTimes where after noting the tit for tat going on between Reid and VP Cheney, Reid says

“I’m not going to get into a name-calling match with somebody who has a 9 percent approval rating,” Mr. Reid said.


He said this moments after saying

“The president sends out his attack dog often,” said Mr. Reid. “That’s also known as Dick Cheney.”

He’s a clever one, that Harry.

Fire him Joe!!!!! Fire Him!!!

Jessica Lynch (?)

Here we have Don Surber (and Jessica Lynch) blaming the military for the famous “Jessica Lynch” story.

Retired PFC Jessica Lynch’s testimony before Congress today was devastating. She, along with members of Spec. Pat Tillman’s family, told of how they were used by the Pentagon to sell stories of heroism that just were not true.

And here we have Richard S. Lowry blaming the media for said story. (ht OPFOR)

It seems to me that Congressman Waxman and his committee should be investigating how the media perverted the story to build its ratings. It is appalling how little regard some of today’s journalists have for the truth. CENTCOM immediately announced Jessica’s rescue. It was good news. But, it was the American media that ran the 15-second video of her rescue over and over and over and over again. It was the American media that turned her rescue into a propaganda event. And they did it for the worst of reasons.

The truth is probably in there. The military probabaly enjoyed getting some good media attention at that point.


Michelle Malkin has my guy Joe’s (Lieberman) response to Harry Reid up. Along with Harry Reid’s response to Joe.

– Go Joe!!

This is exactly the wrong time to conclude that we have lost the war in Iraq, or that our new strategy has failed. Instead, we should provide General Petraeus and his troops with the time and the resources to succeed. We should not surrender in the face of barbarism.”

– and a big ol “Are you f-ing kidding me!!” to Harry.

“No one wants us to succeed in Iraq more than the Democrats. We’ve proven that time and time again since this war started more than four years ago. We take a back seat to no one in supporting our troops, and we will never abandon our troops in a time of war.”

In the meantime, you’re probably hearing about complaints concerning the new “wall” in Baghdad. Omar gives us his view at that link. Sometimes you choose security over convenience for periods of time. (and sometimes, big ol protests are actually organized by insurgents to complain about things that are making their lives difficult!)

Also OPFOR quotes an email received directly from Ramadi.

This war can be won. We just need the time to get the IA and IP operating on their own. Gen Petraeus is treating the war like a counter-insurgency rather than a stability operation. For non-military personnel, there is a HUGE difference between the two. What we’ve been doing in Iraq since Petraeus took over is completely different than what we were doing under Gen Casey. However, you don’t hear the press or the democrats say that. Most of them
are too committed to saying we’ve lost to further their own political agendas that they cannot acknowledge we’re doing something totally different and it is working.

Somalia vs Reuters

A news analyst from Reuters today analyzes the lack of concern for Somalia in the world (read US). Essentially he notes all the goings on over there since the January crises when Ethiopian troops moved in to help rid the place of Islamists. He blames
1) fatigue over Iraq
2) too much danger in Somalia for good media coverage
3) embarrassment for backing the current govt
4) too much coverage of Darfur

But my favorite quote was this:

Liban Ibrahim, a 30-year-old bus driver in the Somali capital, said: “The world does not care about our plight. The United Nations is busy issuing statements when innocent civilians are dying every day.”

Mr. Ibrahim doesn’t realize that that is exactly what the UN does for a living. And in the meantime, yes, the world cares and yes the world is tired of the problems of others. Sorry about that, but it’s the truth.

And more than that…..What is the world to do? Go in and fight? Send money? Or add bumper stickers next to the Darfur and Tibet ones? Uncorrelated today remarks on Darfur being the new Tibet with all the “action” that entails, like bake sales.

Dear Somalia,
It’s not that no one cares. It’s that you don’t really want the problem(s) taken care of. Come up with a practical solution that doesn’t involve doing what we do and then we’ll talk.
ps Make sure that solution doesn’t include bumper stickers though. Hollywood has that covered.

Thinking outside the box

From The Volokh Conspiracy.
I like it! ie

Finally, I want federal income tax rates determined separately in each congressional district, as a function of how much spending your congressman has voted for. The more he votes to spend, the more you pay in taxes. That should solve the problem of voters who pay little attention to what their representatives are up to.

If you’re worried about this deterring congressmen from voting for bills that are truly in the national interest, I’m willing to make an exemption for any spending bill that passes by a supermajority of, say, 70%.

(ht Instapundit)

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A Response to Harry Reid

Of “We’ve lost the war” fame.

Doesn’t Look Lost To Me
Read it, it’s not too long. Here’s one little section.


The Iraq variant of the Home Guard emerged last year as many of the top sheiks, some who had opposed the coalition and some who had a foot in both camps saw that AQIZ was not following through on their promises and that the coalition was following through on their promises.

The other point that flipped the Sheiks is the simple fact that no one except for the hard core jihadists want to live under Sharia law–which is all the jihadists have to offer.

The Sheiks, sub-sheiks, former military leaders including a hero of the Iran/Iraq war who lived in the Khalidiayah area began the process of standing up neighborhood watch check points.

The neighborhood watch is supported by the Police District and Mayor. The Marines keep a close eye on the volunteers who man the check points but have no official involvement in their activities.

The Anbar Awakening is allowing one of the key aspects of counter insurgency operations to begin–population control and control of movement in and out of areas.

Carbon Footprints

Ok, this cracks me up.

Lifestyles of the Rich and Ecosanctimonious

For fun, I got onto An Inconvenient Truths carbon footprint website.

Because I live alone, apparently I am taking up more than my fair share. (Live in CO, 1 person in the house, drive a 2004 Subaru impreza manual shift, 15,000 miles/yr with $0-$25 in electrity and $50-$75 in gas per month, 3 plane trips a year.) Living in the ghetto and not driving is a good way to live, (Live in CA, 6 people in house, no driving, same amounts of electric/gas) or living high on the hog and taking multiple (8) airline trips is ok too as long as you don’t live alone!

Have fun.

I’m not alone

regarding wanting more from the President. Rich Galen of Mullings agrees that the President needs to be present. He’s discussing the Wolfowitz nonstory while I’m talking about Iraq, but still.

The fact that the Bush Administration has not been willing or able to defend either Alberto Gonzales or Paul Wolfowitz speaks volumes as to why the President’s approval ratings are mired in the 30’s.
The Administration’s opponents are permitted to have a two or three week head start on any negative story before anyone does anything to try and counter it.
The most egregious strategic example is the Administration having permitted the Worldwide War on Terror to be reduced to a slap-down political fight over street-by-street tactics in Baghdad.
Maybe the facts as laid out in the Post editorial have been well-known and widely reported to everyone, but that would surprise me.