The Surge

Iraq the Model keeps us informed.

This is an indication that Imposing Law does not mean only sending soldiers to kill terrorists. It is reaching out to deal with other aspects of mess and to counter relatively “benign” violations-like breaking the “odd and even” traffic rule, defensive irregular roadblocks and unlicensed kiosks and stalls-by providing protection for the personnel of civilian departments while they do their job.

It sounds like the Guiliani solution?

In the meantime, back home, reporters are upset that Bush doesn’t seem to have a plan B. (let’s be honest. Bush just chooses to not talk about a plan B while plan A is not even fully implemented) But don’t fear because in the article the reporters come up with about 10 plan Bs. Nice of them to help.

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Resolutions are still in the air

Let’s see, the nonbinding resolution to remind President Bush that he’s made a bad decision.

The nonbinding resolution to remind the Japanese that they were bad and should apologize.

And now the nonbinding resolution to remind the Turks that they were bad.

There’s a lot to do to fill that congressional agenda eh? Yet it still hasn’t worked out to be a 5 day work week yet. Maybe we can add nonbinding resolutions to remind lions that they are bad for killing zebras.

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Ann Coulter

I’ve said before that I can’t stand her. After the CPAC conference apparently real conservatives are fed up too. Captain Ed (and others) is sending an open letter to the sponsors suggesting she not be invited back.