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To the News:
Pravda finally writes about the hostage situation. They mention that the German foreign minister is insisting on Iran fixing this.

Tass notes that Russia is helping to work out a peaceful settlement in Iran. On the hostages, no. They haven’t made the news yet on Tass. This is on the nuclear situation.

Amir Taheri notes that it’s the lefties in the middle east who support America.

While Chomsky and Moore see the US as “an evil power”, many leftists in the Middle East see it as a force for good that ended the tyranny of the Taleban in Afghanistan, dismantled the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and forced the Syrians out of Lebanon after 30 years of occupation.

In the blogs:
Powerline notes that Pelosi in choosing not to say anything about the hostage situation because she doesn’t want to “insert itself (congress) into an internation situation” is now going to visit Syria. OMG!!!

Captain Ed has some thoughts on power and the lack thereof. By going to the UN, the British have screwed themselves royally in my humble opinion. Now they have to wait.

INDC sees good news in Iraqi Army abilities!


The Islamic Republic News Agency has found a Mr. Craig Murry who used to work for the British Foreign Officers Maritime section to claim that the UK has set up “fake” boundaries in those waters where the hostages were taken.

“The Iran/Iraq maritime boundary shown on the British government map does not exist. It has been drawn up by the British Government,” Murray said after the Ministry of Defence published a map about the incident on Wednesday.

LOL I wonder then, what boundaries the Iranians are using when they claim that the Brits were over the line? (using a 2nd set of coordinates because the first set showed them on the Iraqi side)

This just goes to show that there are Rosie O’donnells all over this world!

According to this Mr. Murray the taking of hostages for going over a nonexistent border is a-ok with international law.

Read this guy in a view from Iran.

As I said before in my other posting, even if the sailors were in our waters, the problem could have been solved by using something called megaphones. Iran should and could use this tool more often to prevent anybody getting into our waters. This high tech device could prevent a lot of international crises.

LOL Megaphones, ya think!!?

Actually I sit here and think….what the hell is going on? Blair has like 2 months left in office, Bush has a year and Iran doesn’t quite yet have nuclear weapons. It’s like they want to start a war. Not like they’re testing the waters, but like they want this war to start. Is Ahmadijinad looking for the 2nd Iman now because he knows that the next 2 administrations may not be willing to fight under any circumstances??

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The UN has the Iranian hostage taking on their list of news items.

29 March 2007 – The Security Council today called for an early resolution of the row over Iran’s detention of 15 British marines and sailors, voicing grave concern at the situation and calling for their release, while Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon discussed the issue with Iran’s Foreign Minister.

Isn’t that nice. They want an “early resolution” over this. And if not they may change their grave concern to “really grave concern”

In the meantime David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey who serve as members of the U.N. Sub-commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights wrote in the LATimes today that

Tehran broke international law again by abducting British soldiers; it’s time for the world to enforce the rules.

Essentially they break down all the rules the Iranians have broken lately and include the rules that they are currently breaking in this hostage taking even if the Brits were inside Iranian waters.

But here’s a question for Mr.’s Rivkin and Casey. Who enforces the UN’s rules? Does the UN? No, not really. They set up resolutions and they write things down like sanctions but then member states cheat on the sanctions or don’t bother backing the resolutions with anything. Who does that leave to do the enforcing? Oh – yeah….the US of A. And pray tell, why would the US of A do any further enforcing for the UN?

Oh, don’t worry – we’ll be there for the Brits. All that they want of us we’ll give. But for the UN……..I really hope not. Ever.

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Good news

From Afghanistan.

Complete success is being claimed for the largest Afghan-led operation yet against the Taliban.
Afghan army forces and police have now purged the Nad Ali district of Helmand of 400 Taliban fighters, following a series of chaotic battles.
Allied commanders estimated 70 Taliban fighters were killed in the fighting, while many others fled or gave up their weapons.
Locals said that the dead included at least one senior commander, Mullah Abdul Bary.

UN Headline News Watch (day 3)

Still waiting for at least a news story on the Iranian hostage taking…..
Yes, I’ve given up on them just putting themselves in the mess and saying “hey – the Brits were following what we requested. They were ok’d. Let them go”

And the UN still doesn’t provide. Today’s headlines:
1) Secretary-General, Security Council praise Ivorian deal to appoint new Prime Minister

2) Ban Ki-moon calls on Arab leaders to renew backing for Middle East peace plan

3) Darfur: UN and Sudan sign deal to improve humanitarian operations

4) Security Council says cooperation between UN and African Union crucial for peace

5) UN report calls for action to help Liberian children living in orphanages

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That Senate Vote

…to be intermingled today with That House Vote to come up with some sort of emergency spending bill for the war with a deadline that will be vetoed by the President.

Let’s give the President the first word.

“There’s $3.5 million for visitors to tour the Capitol and see for themselves how Congress works,” Bush said, drawing laughter from the crowd. “I’m not kidding you.”

Now we can move over to the delusional NYTimes. That article I just linked to is about how this bill is a change from the way Democrats have always been defensive about their foreign policy stands. It notes how Democrats are known for not being tough on defense and national security. Somehow in their minds the Times has made this budget stand against the President’s wishes a stand that shows just how dang tough those Dems are. Huh??

“Yeah – we can defeat the President.” Now let’s see a) if they really can and b) if they can defeat, you know, the enemy!

Or as Iraqpundit puts it….

We would hope that the president understands how serious we are,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) told the press after Tuesday’s vote to keep the troop-withdrawal date in the Senate’s war-spending bill. And, he added, we would also hope that our enemies in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world understand that we’re even more serious about them. Democrats and Republicans will inevitably have their disagreements about the war that we face, and some of these disagreements will be significant. But while we disagree on this particular battle, we stand united in the long-term struggle against those who would be our foes. Let there be no misunderstanding about that.

Actually, as far as I know Reid didn’t say anything about America’s enemies, and what conclusions they might be drawing from the Democrats’ troop-withdrawal dates. I wish he had – they’re certainly listening to him – but I had to make it all up. To Reid and Nancy Pelosi and many other war critics, the Democrats’ legislative deadlines are a matter of politics. To the other side, they’re a matter of war.


Two more links. Blackfive brings us troop reactions to this spending bill. I loved this quote from a sailer in Kuwait.

How can they complain about the Iraqi government not STEPPING UP, when the Congress is all but falling down!

And for a generalized view of How Liberals think, I recommend watching this video of Evan Sayet.

I miss “The Religious Policeman”

He was a blogger from Saudi Arabia who not only invented the color coded Muslim Offense levels but could interpret stories like this one for those of us who can’t even imagine……

THIRTEEN post-graduate female students are seeking temporary husbands so that they can fulfill a Saudi Ministry of Education requirement.

Yes, to get a post-graduate education abroad, Saudi females need an escort. Apparently finding a temporary husband is easier than finding a real one and/or an escort so they are finding temporary husbands. The article is about how people “cheat the system” to get around moral requirements.

Kind of like here in Minnesota where checkers think that selling pork helps people to “sin” so they refuse to touch it to sell, and yet are ok with letting the next checker over sell it….

(UPDATE: Link to Arab News is fixed)

The UN

Headlines on today’s UN news service:

Concerned at food shortfall in DPR Korea, UN agency seeks to increase aid

Sri Lanka: Ban Ki-moon says parties must end escalating cycle of violence

Darfur: UN and African Union envoys meet Arab tribal leaders

Government, opposition in DR Congo must shoulder their democratic duty

UN Security Council extends mandate of UN commission probing Hariri murder

I’m just checking to see if I missed the one that says,
“UN confronts member state Iran in their illegal holding of British Naval Personnel.”
“UN sends envoy to Iran to clear up the mess from their British sent mission in Iraqi waters”

In the meantime the British have sent their GPS evidence that they were 1.7 miles within Iraqi waters to Iran. Iran is saying they were 0.3miles within their territory.

0.3miles! (and actually, the Iranians gave 2 different sets of coordinates for the boats. One was inside Iraqi waters, doh) And they are holding hostages for this!

Yesterday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry raised hopes that the crisis could be resolved peacefully. “The issue will be solved in a calm atmosphere,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Mohammad Ali Hosseini. “We cannot predict how long it will take.”

0.3 miles and we cannot predict how long it will take.

Do I blame Iran? Well sure – but they’re acting like the snakes they profess to be.
Do I blame the UN? Absolutely. Where are they? The biggest negotiating body in the world. The British boats were on a UN mission for crying out loud!!!!

Style said at a briefing in London today. The boats, he said, were about their “legal business in Iraqi waters under a United Nations” resolution.

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