Strength through Suicide?

Todays Washington Post has an article by Griff Witte about the suicide bombing that occurred in Afghanistan when VP Cheney was there.
Oddly enough the weapon of the Palestinians (suicide bombing) seems to Mr. Witte to be a weapon of strength and cunning vs the weapon of the weak and powerless. After the US officials disputed the claim by the Taliban that Cheney was the intended target Mr. Witte notes that:

Regardless of the intent, the attack demonstrated that insurgents in Afghanistan are becoming increasingly bold, willing to attack a heavily fortified U.S. target in the face of unusually tight security.

Really? I’m kind of thinking a full frontal attack similar to the fake one done by these living jihadists would be bolder. Sending a suicide bomber to attack a US base and then having him blow himself up before reaching an inner circle of the place is a sign of boldness? Why? The guy was going to die. Either by boldly attacking and going out with a fight aka Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or by blowing himself up and maybe taking a few with him. I would call “bold” the former and not the latter. But this guy quoted in the article disagrees:

“This attack is a reflection of their new capabilities, which they’ve developed in the last year or two through their connections with the transnational extremists,” said Ali Ahmad Jalali, former interior minister of Afghanistan.

Suicide bombing “develops” their capabilities? I would say that this shows a level of desperation seen among people who can’t think of a way to win their position other than to make the enemy get tired of dealing with them. ie Palestinians.

As a matter of fact, I don’t remember there being suicide bombers when the Afghans were fighting the Soviets. From a history page I get this:

The Soviets, and the Soviet-backed Afghan government, were met with fierce popular resistance. Guerrilla forces, calling themselves mujahideen, pledged a jihad, or holy war, to expel the invaders. Initially armed with outdated weapons, the mujahideen became a focus of U.S. cold war strategy against the Soviet Union, and with Pakistan’s help, Washington began funneling sophisticated arms to the resistance. Moscow’s troops were soon bogged down in a no-win conflict with determined Afghan fighters.

I’m not suggesting that these jihadists act more like the mujahideen during the Soviet occupation, I’m reminding a reporter that suicide bombing is the last refuge of the weak, not the strong.

Good news

Captain Ed notes the roundup in Sadr City:

Combined US and Iraqi forces swept through Sadr City yesterday, arresting more than a dozen suspected militia members and making a statement about the lack of limitation on the new surge operation. The US characterized their targets as “rogue” elements of the Mahdi Army and the captured could include as many as ten Iraqi policemen:

Centcom notes the rescue of two hostages in Iraq. (this is the whole write up at this time)

KALSU, Iraq – Dismounted paratroopers located an insurgent safe house uncovering a weapons cache and freeing two hostages south of Baghdad Feb. 26.
Paratroopers from 2nd Battalion, 377th Parachute Field Artillery Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division located the safe house, where they found the two hostages and a weapons cache near Mahmudiyah.
The cache contained three AK-47s, 14 30-round magazines, one 100-round magazine drum, two fragmentary grenades, one cell phone and one hand held radio.
The freed hostages were given immediate medical treatment.


Two Titles: One Event

From the Washington Post today: Stock Sell-Off in China Hits Wall Street

From the NYTimes today: Asian Markets Fall Again on Worries About U.S. Economy

I just thought they were funny. We live in a global economy and China is getting bigger/stronger/smarter. They’re going to effect us more as time goes on. And when we’re in trouble, the world’s in trouble.
Dinocrat notes that the Chinese market correction was actually engineered by the Chinese.

Perhaps: ‘US market responds to Chinese manipulation which then responds to US response’ might have been a better title all along. 🙂