I know everyone is jumping on the Gore bandwagon, and frankly it’s well deserved. Mr. Hypocrite does not practice what he preaches. He and his mansion buying off his “carbon credits” can take my 800 sq foot house, and walk to work (vs lear jet) and stick it where the sun don’t shine…….

Really the headlines should be talking up Bush’s awesome sounding home in Texas. He even saves the nonexistent water down there for gardening. Wizbang has the news and The Anchoress mentions the other environmentally positive things that our President has done, including saving the Marshes in Iraq!!!

Also, Al Gore said last night that “this issue is not a political issue, it’s a moral issue” (albeit a flawed one) but if that were true, you’d think he and his co-religionists would be generous and gracious about recognising President Bush’s personal and political efforts in this area. Instead, they bury it. The left buries it, the press buries it, the “concerned, green” pols who say global warming is “the greatest threat to the world,” bury it.

And that, to me, proves that there is nothing moral about this whole global warming sham, and everything political about it. When you have a genuine emergency of any sort, you welcome all available hands and quibble about who gets the credit, later. When you have a political agenda, you do…something else.

UPDATE: I don’t personally mind that Gore uses so much energy. I don’t think I’m better because I use less. I just think that he needs to stop lecturing me about global warming when he’s the one not doing anything about it except yammering on and requesting an opening of the strategic oil reserves when gas prices go a little high. (particularly during an election year where his administration would get linked to the higher prices) People use less energy when it behooves them and the evidence for that is clear in the Gore household.