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Democrats Seek to Repeal 2002 War Authorization

Sheesh. Apparently for future authorizations there needs to be some stipulation that the authorization is good until at least X year and not contingent on voter weariness.
In the meantime my guy Joe may change parties if this crap comes to a head. With that threat out on the table I’m surprised there is talk of a repeal.

UPDATE: Charles Krauthammer has a good column up on this new great idea to lose the war by inches without ever actually saying “we lost, let’s go home”.

The US in Ethiopia

The NYTimes should read itself. Then instead of a “breaking” news story about the US in Ethiopia they would remember that is was only a few months ago they already knew that.

Here’s the part that made me chuckle in today’s story.

It has been known for several weeks that American Special Operations troops have operated inside Somalia and that the United States carried out two strikes on Qaeda suspects using AC-130 gunships. But the extent of American cooperation with the recent Ethiopian invasion into Somalia and the fact that the Pentagon secretly used an airstrip in Ethiopia to carry out attacks have not been previously reported. The secret campaign in the Horn of Africa is an example of a more aggressive approach the Pentagon has taken in recent years to dispatch Special Operations troops globally to hunt high-level terrorism suspects. President Bush gave the Pentagon powers after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks to carry out these missions, which historically had been reserved for intelligence operatives.

When Ethiopian troops first began a large-scale military offensive in Somalia late last year, officials in Washington denied that the Bush administration had given its tacit approval to the Ethiopian government. In interviews over the past several weeks, however, officials from several American agencies with a hand in Somalia policy have described a close alliance between Washington and the Ethiopian government that was developed with a common purpose: rooting out Islamic radicalism inside Somalia.

So the “secret” part is the level we are in there? Maybe I don’t take enough at face value but in the 2006 article the times mentioned

American officials have given Ethiopia, one its closest allies in Africa, their tacit approval to do what is necessary to neutralize the Islamists, whom American intelligence agents have accused of sheltering terrorists with Al Qaeda. But American officials have asked Ethiopia to avoid strikes that could kill large numbers of civilians, and so far Ethiopia seems to be cooperating.

It would only be a Democrat as President who would have done all that and not been there to help in some way or to look for our own enemy.
The Times story is no surprise. The fact that they like to leak “secret” stories in order to “out” the evil US is no surprise either.