I loved all the headlines this morning regarding the Senate Resolutions vote. All around the world they were similar to this:GOP Stalls Debate On Troop Increase Read the whole article to see what really happened but bottom line is:

The Democratic leadership gave Republicans a choice: Allow all four versions to come to a vote, with a simple majority needed for passing any of them, or debate and vote on the Warner and McCain resolutions, with both needing 60 votes to pass.

That’s what didn’t pass.

Something Fishy

Kidnappers dressed like Iraqi Army kidnapped an Iranian diplomat. The Iraqi Police opened fire and detained 4 of the abductors. The papers don’t really have a full story yet so they are filling the lines with fluff…. ie

President Bush last fall secretly authorized the killing or capturing of Iranian intelligence operatives or Revolutionary Guard members operating in Iraq, the Washington Post reported last week. Bush has warned Iran that if it acts against U.S. troops or Iraqis in Iraq, the United States will respond firmly.

Does that mean that the US has become a kidnapper of diplomats? I doubt it.
But the funny part of this story is here:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran considers it a responsibility of U.S. forces in Iraq to protect members of the diplomatic community, including Iranian diplomats, and will hold them responsible for obtaining the release of the abducted Iranian diplomat,” Hosseini told the news agency.

So they expect the U.S. to protect their diplomats eh? Is that while we detain them for 444 days?

My prediction? These kidnappers are thugs who had Iraqi Army uniforms. OR the US/Iraqis have evidence against this particular diplomat and the US is trying to pretend we’re not part of it.

My Guy Joe

Has Power! Thank Goodness!

Unfortunately, unless Reid can get a Republican to switch caucuses, he has no choice but to limit their efforts to meaningless non-binding resolutions. Lieberman, smarting over the support given to Ned Lamont by Democrats he believed were his friends, now says that his loyalty to them has suffered serious damage. His “sentimental” attachment to the caucus extends only to the point of cutting off funding for the fight in Iraq. Not only would such an effort fail in the Senate — it would require 60 votes to overcome the filibuster — but it would effectively hand over control of the Senate to the GOP and Mitch McConnell.

Take that you back stabbing Dems!