Dem resolutions

Will they really just end up going away??? I’m generall a glass half full kind of gal, so as long as Captain Ed is noting the possibility I’m going with hope today! I agree that if Warner filibuster’s his own resolution, then

In the end, though, I suspect, a filibuster might work in everyone’s interests. The Democrats can claim they tried to pass a useless resolution scolding the White House, the Republicans can claim they protected the effort to win in Iraq, and the White House can get on with its surge strategy for Baghdad. In a weird way, all three had better hope the new strategy works, or the political fallout from these efforts around non-binding resolutions will be harsh indeed.

War on Terror Update

Scott gathers it all together. He just missed this story of an Iraqi Police officer and an Iman securing a couple of al-Qaeda guys in a mosque and handing them over to coalition forces. Score.

Holly Barnes Higgins writes today in the Washington Post about the feelings of futility she went through in Afghanistan trying to get some honest work going in one of the hell provinces. The big problem being the poppy trade. I’m not at all sure why we can’t put all this USAID money into paying whatever the going rate is for poppy but instead of buying poppys buying wheat with it at the same rate. Or even buying the poppy’s and burning it. The point of the money right now is to get the Afghans on their feet, not to create a perfect capitalistic society. Anyway, the article was a good read and I admire her for having given it her best.