Iraq Study Group

This is the best article I’ve seen on the Iraq study group proposals. It’s laugh out loud funny. A taste:

The problem in Iraq is that Iran and Syria are arming, funding, and encouraging Sunni and Shiite insurgents? Well then, all we have to do is to convince Syria and Iran to stop supporting these insurgents.

The problem in the region is that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict inflames anti-American sentiment? Well then, all we have to do is to convene a conference to negotiate peace in the Middle East.

See how simple that was? It’s amazing that no one ever thought of these ideas before the Iraq Study Group came along. But no, don’t thank them. It’s all in a day’s work for Captain Obvious.

In the meantime, a new poll is out saying that Americans think we’re losing the war in Iraq and we should follow the proposals of the ISG to change course.
In the meantime, the newspapers continue to write crap. No one should ever wonder why Americans think the proposals of the ISG are “fundamental changes in course”.

The bipartisan Iraq Study Group last week issued a report calling the situation in Iraq “grave and deteriorating,” while recommending fundamental changes in how the Bush administration handles the war.

Fundamental changes?? Like what? Like “As the Iraqi’s stand up, we’ll stand down”?
This report essentially said that Bush is moving in the right direction. He knows he’s out of office in 2008. He cares about the Iraqi people and their country. Do you think that he doesn’t want us mostly as advisors by 2008? Of course he does and of course he’s been moving in that direction. Ok, you’re right. He had no intention of negotiating with Iran. And he had no intention of making Israel disappear to save the situation. But other than that?
Even Syrian negotiations have been hinted at. As have threats to Iraq that we’ll just go home.
I mentioned JayWalk yesterday from the Jay Leno show. People get their information from the news. The news takes whatever the first newspaper said and then runs with it throughout the country. In this case, the ISG will save us all if only the stubborn Bush will follow the recommendations.

Odd things to watch

In this NYTimes story regarding the shooting of the Hamas linked Judge in Gaza it reads:

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said from Sudan that he would cut short a foreign trip and return to Gaza.

When Haniyeh left on Nov. 28, he planned to travel for a month. That drew criticism because of the need to conclude negotiations with Fatah on a new government and the political violence raging in the Palestinian territories.

In this blog post from Abu Kais it reads,

More details have emerged about the Sudanese envoy’s trip to Syria, during which he announced Damascus’s alleged support for the Arab initiative.

Both stories are interesting in their own right but what the heck is going on in Sudan that isn’t about Darfur? Sudan pledged 10million US dollars to the Palestinians but is that what this is all about? What is being given in return?

A Muslim Response

to CAIR concerning their support of the six Imans. Since we are always saying “if only Muslims would rise up and condemn the bad guys…..”. Here’s one.

nto this highly charged environment comes this incident of the imams returning from their conference. To ignore the larger context is to virtually live in an airtight bubble.

The preponderance of evidence points to some troubling coincidences during flight preparation, regardless of where we stand on this issue. The distribution of their seats, while in fact random, raised concern. Changing seats after boarding, rather than before, raised concern. Conversations in Arabic after boarding raised concern. Seatbelt extenders raised concern. However, no passengers refused to board after seeing and hearing the imams pray aloud at the gate. Taken individually, each of the reported actions could be something any of us would do. However, in totality, although unfortunate in retrospect, it remains hard to fault a cautious crew who must act with little information to ensure a safe flight.