The UN

I linked to the story a few days ago about the UN’s sexual dysfunctions (spelling fixed). Today we have a story from the BBC that was a bit of a snorter.

First the facts:

Children have been subjected to rape and prostitution by United Nations peacekeepers in Haiti and Liberia, a BBC investigation has found.
Girls have told of regular encounters with soldiers where sex is demanded in return for food or money.

A senior official with the organisation has accepted the claims are credible.

And from the Assistant Secretary General of Peacekeeping:

“My operating presumption is that this is either a problem or a potential problem in every single one of our missions.”

So on December 4th, they’re going to hold a conference. Snort one.

And get this, after discovering evidence of abuse in Liberia the UN responded by adding 500 more peacekeepers. Yes, let’s add even more abusers to the mix. Snort 2.

But don’t worry because despite the fact that this has been going on and known about for years, Kofi Annan has now pledged a policy of “zero tolerance”. Snort 3.

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Iraq Study Group

John Podhoretz is just aghast at the ISG’s recommendations. (from the Washington Post)

John’s is full of outrage:

Baker, Hamilton and their crew of old Washington hands (and I mean old, like Metheuselah-level old) are recommending a “gradual pullback” of American troops but without a timetable. That basically translates into a nice, long, slow defeat – the “graceful exit” of which the president spoke so harshly.

I read both of those articles, and other than the part where the ISG recommends negotiating with Iran and Syria the recommendations sound exactly like the big plan all along. Fight al-Qaeda, get Iraq to stand on it’s own two feet, maybe end up with a friendly nation in the middle of the Middle East. As a matter of fact the only thing different is, as Uncorrelated says:

Sounds like the original plan. Except it doesn’t have the twin lightning rods of Bush and Rumsfeld saying it.

or as the Mudville Gazette says

That sounds like a 360-degree about face to me.

It sounds like we will be “staying the course” for now and for that I am thankful.

Now if the MSM could start acting like this is a positive thing and writing like we’re winning………..

(Did you note the capture of the Baghdad Sniper the other day? Or that 11 key members of Ansar al Sunna [a bunch of beheaders] had been captured? )