Hugo Chavez

I love this news. And how it’s filed under “wankers”. Though expected to win the election, Hugo’s opposition is giving him a run for the money.

“We see him as a failed government,” Rosales said in an interview at his headquarters in an elegant neighborhood of Caracas. “No one understands how the government is giving away Venezuela’s riches, as part of a political and ideological strategy, when there are bad services, a bad health system, a bad education system, bad policies for housing construction.”

The government, meanwhile, has ignored Rosales almost completely and is focusing instead on President Bush, whom Venezuela’s leader has portrayed as the country’s archenemy.

Yeah, Hugo, run against President Bush. He’ll be out in 2 years, then what are you going to do? Wanker.

Pelosi as Rove

So apparently Nancy Pelosi brought up the Murtha vote first as a way to “lead trump” so to speak. Get everything out in the open. Now Democrats will be afraid to vote against Alcee Hastings because it might make Democrats look REALLY weak if they have to oust the speaker they just picked. Mickey Kaus has the story. Someone ought to hire him to come up with these plans versus just interpreting them!