Iran and Somalia

Apparently the connection is growing between these two countries as Iran searches for a steady supply of uranium.
The UN is reporting this:

Three illegal shipments from Teheran are detailed. On July 25, an aircraft carrying Iranian arms landed at Baledogle airport near Mogadishu. This consignment included 1,000 machineguns, 45 surface-to-air missiles, M-79 rocket launchers and land mines.

After its arrival, the UN says that Iran promised the Islamists further weapons, but only in return for uranium, presumably for use in Teheran’s nuclear programme.

I await the resolutions condemning this plan.
I await……

Oh, nevermind. They have Israel to condemn.

From Iraq the Model

This is even better than the Saddam verdict!

Hmmm. What would that be? What just happened there?
It was the warrant for that head of Muslim scholars, Harith al-Dhari that was in the news yesterday. From Omar:

Actually the minister’s words were an indirect threat to Muqtada al-Sadr, or more like a direct one because he said, and I’m paraphrasing, “there are two neighboring countries that are causing trouble in Iraq and anyone who cooperates with these countries will not be safe from prosecution”

I suspect Omar can read between the lines better than me. I hadn’t realized how important this could be.

Michael Moore

Do you remember him? He made the front page of the LA Times today with his “pledge”, “extending an olive branch to disheartened conservatives”.

Yeah, don’t bother reading it, I just linked there so you can see that it’s there.
Michelle Malkin had this story yesterday comparing and contrasting Moore’s manifesto with a democratic underground’s manifesto written earlier than Moores.
“To be fair to Moore, the manifesto form is hardly an original concept. But it would have been nice for the Voice of the Common Man to tip his hat.”
I agree.