Another word for doing idiotic things as a result of politics! PM Maliki has asked the US/Iraqi Army to stop the blockade of Sadr City and he sounds surprised that his request carried any clout. I suspect his handlers said he had to make the request to keep his position but he never expected it to really happen.
From a person living there:

“Who is the Mahdi Army to decide the future of my daughter and stop the movement of life in the country? Does the government have no power?” demanded Duniya Hilmi, 34, a city government worker whose daughter had been sent home from school by the Mahdi Army on Tuesday.

The Mahdi Army called a general strike in the city to pressure Maliki to oust the Americans. Did the citizens do so? Sure. After being threatened by these lowlifes.

The militiamen stopped one worker, Sameer Kadhumi, as he walked to his job at the Culture Ministry. “They told me not to go to work, otherwise I will be in trouble,” Kadhumi said.

Yes the Mahdi Army is cashing in their chits with Mr. Maliki. And guess what, he’s free to do this. Yes – that’s how liberty works. Mr. Kadhumi actually chose to fake running an errand and made his way to work only to find the business closed. Good for Mr. Kadhumi.
This is what continues to give me hope about Iraq. Iraqis just want to live normal lives without threats. They want to go to work. The more they see that they have the freedom to choose what kind of govt they will live under, the better off they will be.

Kerry: because it’s required of bloggers today!

What a doof.
Let’s start with the MSM. The BBC works to get the actual story while the NYTimes works to switch it out.
BBC heading: ‘Kerry under fire for Iraq ‘joke”
What follows is a story of the incident.

NYTimes heading: ‘As Vote Nears, Stances on War Set Off Sparks’
What follows is a commentary about Iraq. On page 2 you finally get the famous quote from Kerry. This was my favorite part though. In a 2 page story there are maybe 4 paragraphs on the “botched joke” and then read the transition.

But Charles Huang, 19, a sophomore who described himself as one of the few conservatives at the college, said he was offended by the comment and thought Mr. Kerry did owe American troops an apology.

“I was kind of offended that someone would say that,” Mr. Huang said. “I think he was trying to crack a joke, but it was inappropriate.”

The contrast of Republican candidates distancing themselves from the White House even as Mr. Bush defended his policy again on Tuesday — “We will fight in Iraq and we will win in Iraq,” he said to cheers in Georgia — reflects what Republican Party officials said was a pragmatic message they were sending to candidates: do whatever it takes to win.

That’s some smooth writing there.
I would be ROFL if it was funny vs tragically ridiculous!

Move on to the the question of the day. If this were a “botched joke”, then can someone ask Mr. Kerry once again about Bush being a Yale graduate with better grades than John Kerry? If this is a “botched joke”, then it just goes to prove that studying hard and working hard at school work means diddly do. Who wrote such a stupid joke? And where is the “inspire the kids” moment in this?

That’s right. No one did. Because calling this a botched joke is spun so tight anyone can see it.

Varifrank has reason number 9 to vote Republican.
Scrappleface has branched out into video with a presentation of the term “Kerry Smart” vs just smart.


Last time I left, I come back to find Zarqawi dead and gone. This time is it Zawahiri?

At a security seminar Tuesday in Islamabad, Musharraf said the targeted compound was being monitored for the last several days and that militants had been training there.

”We knew what they were doing,” he said. ”There were no innocent people inside the compound and anyone saying otherwise is telling lies. … Those killed were militants using weapons.”

A security official said al-Qaida’s No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, and the alleged mastermind of the London airline bomb plot busted in August, Egyptian al-Qaida operative Abu Ubaida, had both visited the religious school several times, but they weren’t there at the time of Monday’s attack.

If so, I’m going to leave again!