I was reading Tim Blair’s post this morning and connected to the link in the Sydney Morning Herald where it makes war sound like “you kill 3 people so I only get to kill 3 people, then I’ll wait until you kill 10 of my people and then I’ll kill 10 of your people. Oh – and I’ll be sure to split them between soldiers and civilians based upon how you kill our people.” Huh?

After four days of retaliation, the Israeli Government’s tally stood at: a member of the Hezbollah militia, which started the whole business with its border raid last Wednesday, a bunch of Hezbollah offices and homes and more than 100 innocent men, women and children.

This was a reply to the deaths in action of 12 Israeli military personnel and four civilians, including a eight-year-old boy, killed by Hezbollah in subsequent exchanges of long-range fire.

Yesterday morning Hezbollah struck again, killing nine Israelis in a missile attack on Haifa in retaliation for attacks on Lebanese civilians and infrastructure.

Lebanon is paying a terrible price other than killings and terror.

Democrats in the ME

Powerline takes a look at the newest “we’re gonna win in November” plan.

In an obscene attempt to obtain political mileage, the Democrats are claiming that President Bush is responsible for the outbreak of war in the Middle East. Howard Dean claims that the war would not have occurred if the Democrats had been in power because the Dems would have worked the past six years to prevent it.

Not only rude, but laughable too.