Is my blogiversary.

Happy Blogiversary to me…..Happy Blogiversary to me.


Blogging every day has been hard to discipline myself to do, but easier to find subjects than I thought it would be. And basically I just stick to a few subjects I find VERY important at the time. Always the war. And the MSM or anyone else who disses us as a country. No matter who’s in charge. I love this country and while I know we can make mistakes, we are absolutely a great country and my respect, admiration, love and pride for it are well….I’m getting teary eyeed just thinking about it. Peggy Noonan gives it a great shot and makes a number of good points about this country, what we think of it and what little we share of it’s great ideals and how that relates to the subject of the day, immigration. Get your hanky. Blogging, I have found is a small, nay minute way for me to try to share what I’m thinking concerning all of this. I’m happy it comes across and I am pleased that this has helped me on one on one personal discussions with others.

Thank you for a great year!

Andy Card

Powerline has the thought of the day.

One more point: Polman and many others assume that Bush dismissed Card and replaced him with Bolten. That may well be true, but I’m not aware of any evidence to that effect. One persistent report is that Card resigned in order to join Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign. Again, I have no idea whether that’s true or not; my point is that it’s unwarranted to assume that every time a significant Executive Branch official resigns, he’s been fired.

President Bush is known for his loyalty AND for overworking his employees! Put those two together and I really doubt Mr. Card was “fired”. I’m quite certain he’s tired though.

Forming a new government

Sounds like a pain. Iraq the Model has the feelings on “the street”.
It’s all like a long Mexican novela.

are performing that many of them would tell you they’ve stopped following the news. One friend told me yesterday that he used to follow the political news every single day but “not anymore, these negotiations have much in common with those thousand-episode Mexican series, you can skip ten episodes and then come back and you will find things exactly where you left them!”.

And we all know this feeling of “whatever”. They’ll get over it. We do.

Most of the debate in Baghdad today was about the alleged message from Bush to al-Hakeem telling him to replace Jafari with another candidate. The simple people I meet at work have made a simplified version o their own of this story that goes like this “Bush told the government that if they don’t agree on a president, I will appoint that I choose”!
This is followed by a “whatever, maybe this can put an end for this mess” which reminds me that we still believe in firm and direct orders from a boss thinking that one shout or frown from him would be enough to solve the dispute while negotiations seem boring and taking forever, something not unexpected with all the stress and frustration Iraqis have to deal with.

Jill Carroll Freed

And this time, it’s true. She was freed, not rescued. NPR almost gets it right.
They screwed up with this paragraph:

Carroll is the fourth Western hostage to be freed in eight days. On March 23, U.S. and British soldiers, acting on intelligence gained from a detainee, freed Briton Norman Kember, 74, and Canadians James Loney, 41, and Harmeet Singh Sooden, 32, from a house west of Baghdad.

Sorry guys, those guys were not freed. They were rescued.(***SEE UPDATE 2***)

UPDATE: Here is the BBC version.

Ms Carroll’s release comes a week after the freeing of three other Western hostages, a Briton and two Canadians.

Not quite the same level of disconnect, but let’s be sure not to give the good guys credit, right?

The Washington Post gets it right.

Kidnappings of Westerners in Iraq has grown more common in recent months. One week ago, British and U.S. soldiers freed three members of the Chicago-based advocacy group Christian Peacemaker Teams who had been abducted in late November. A fourth member of the group who was kidnapped then, Tom Fox, of Clear Brook, Va., was shot dead and dumped on a Baghdad street in early March.

Though I’m not sure that’s a true statement about kidnappings of westerners being up recently.

As does CNN:

Carroll’s release also comes a week after U.S.-led coalition troops in Baghdad freed three Western hostages from the aid group Christian Peacemaker Teams who had been held hostage for nearly four months.

So – GREAT news! And a quick rundown of the quality of the news you read brought to you by me.

***UPDATE 2: Re-reading this after my commenter commented I see that I was clearly still asleep when blogging this morning. NPR’s story is just fine!
The BBC is still off. My apologies to NPR!***