Oh those pesky documents

The big story yesterday was that the Russian ambassador had warned Saddam about American troop movements in the lead up to this war. Captain Ed has the confirmation from Russia agreeing that it was “quite plausible”.

It reminds me of a country song by Toby Keith.
“I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”

But, moving on. Barcepundit gives us this link to Ray Robison who from what this post reads, I think is helping with the translations. He has found documents that admit to hiding Turkish and Russian experts during one surprise inspection. The document is requesting instructions should there ever be an accidentaly face to face meeting.

1- I was informed by the team leader (Coalfield) that during the past days two clothing suitcases belonging to inspector Greg Lavender and the inspector (probably Coalfield: translator’s note) were broken into and their contents dispersed. They informed the hotel who promised to buy them new ones. But for the inspector the problem is not with the suitcases but the infraction and he does not want to make a problem but requests that this infraction be stopped.
2- When we visited Badr company there were Turkish and Russian experts at the site and they had to hide away from the inspectors. We demand your (General Director of the Office of National Supervision: translator’s note) instructions for what to do in case there is a face to face between the agency’s inspectors and the experts.
3- During his meeting with the general director of Badr company the team focused on how the new machinery is being imported. The director told them that it is advertised in the newspaper and middlemen or equipment agencies apply for the bid. He also told them that the equipment agency for Badr company is Al Ariqa company.
4- A copy of the special instructions for dealing with journalists was given to the director of Oumm Al Maarek company.

Read the whole thing, it isn’t long.

I can’t believe these documents have been unclassified all this time. The cat is officially out of the bag now.

UPDATE: Just a little more about Ray

Civil War in Iraq

Powerline doesn’t think so either.

JOHN adds: I agree. A civil war is a species of war. If it isn’t a war, it can’t be a civil war. A “war” exists when opposing armies take the field; such is not the case in Iraq. What is happening there is not a war, it is terrorism, pure and simple.

What the terrorists are doing in Iraq, they could do here. If terrorists started exploding IEDs along American highways, would we be experiencing a “civil war”? No. The fact that most of the terrorists in Iraq belong to a particular religious faction does not convert their terrorism into war.

Actually, I think this point is an important one. What makes the situation in Iraq difficult is not that a war is going on. There was a war, and we won it easily. The situation is difficult in Iraq precisely because it is not a war, civil or otherwise; it is terrorism, which is far less devastating than war, but much harder to bring to an end. If we can’t outlast terrrorists in Iraq, what reason is there to think we can outlast them anywhere else, including here?