Those documents

Stephen Hayes writes for The Weekly Standard this week, going through just 3 out of millions of communications recovered in Iraq and Afghanistan. I bow to his expertise and am thankful people have taken an interest in these documents. Why on earth was getting them out such a problem? I just want someone to tell me again how Saddam’s Iraq and Al-qaeda had nothing to do with one another. Please, I’m beggin you….
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getting Armed and dangerous

Hillary and Jesus

Thank you Captain Ed. I read her quotes yesterday and just shook my head and then forgot about them. You’ve got the story. Thank you for blogging this one.

(I’m assuming you all read the story where Hillary said the bill changing illegal immigrants to felons would turn “probably even Jesus himself” into a criminal.)

Hillary has all the chutzpah of her husband and almost none of his deft political touch. This speech sounds exactly as if a marketing firm designed it. One can almost hear the debate around the table: “She needs to reference religion more.” “Hillary has to connect with the base.” “She needs to be more aggressive in attacking Republicans.” At this point, one of the young geniuses would leap to his/her feet and say, “Eureka! Let’s have her slam Republicans for turning Biblical figures into criminals with their immigration policy!”

Why is she popular?


On stability.

He describes a civil war better than I did too.

I see the western press has pretty much given up on calling the Ba’athist dead-enders and foreign terrorists “insurgents” presumably because they were insurging so ineffectually. So now it’s a “civil war.” Remember what a civil war looks like? Generally, they have certain features: large-scale population movements, mutinous units in the armed forces, rival governments springing up, rebels seizing the radio station. None of these are present in Iraq. The slavering western media keep declaring a civil war every 48 hours but those layabout Iraqis persist in not showing up for it.

The Media

It’s subtle, but it’s left. Yesterday Powerline looked at headlines after Bush’s press conference.

Let’s look at some headlines today.

The Washington Post: Canadian, British Aid Workers Freed in Iraq
The BBC: Western Peace Hostages Freed in Iraq
The New Zealand Herald: Harmeet Sooden and Two other Hostages Freed in Iraq

Subtle huh. I really thought they were “freed” as in let go. Until as I was flipping (I flip through and then go back to read) CNN showed up with 3 Iraq Hostages Freed by Special Forces. Good for them.