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Michelle Malkin has a nice roundup of the problems created for Denmark by allowing freedom of speech there. At the bottom she has this link which will take you to images of Muhammad throughout history sorted neatly into convenient areas of interest.

Book Illustrations
Medieval Paintings, Miniatures and Illuminations
Dante’s Inferno
Modern Iranian Icons
French Book Covers
Various Eras
Contemporary Christian Drawings
Animated TV Parodies
Satirical Modern Cartoons
The Jyllands-Posten Cartoons

The Religious Policeman has a VERY helpful chart to help all of us read what the “Offense Level” is for Muslims. It has been raised to orange. I’m not going to quote him because it’s well worth a read yourself! Enjoy but don’t take offense!

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Speaking of lobbying

These ladies sound like they’d like a little quid pro quo.
from Captain Ed:

A group of rich New Orleans residents, irritated that most of Congress has not yet come to the devastated city to see the destruction for themselves, passed out bonbons and offered all-expenses-paid trips to the Crescent City to get more money for reconstruction:

Howard Dean vs Harry Reid

Howard has been adamant that no Democrat has received lobbying money from Abramoff. I suspect he has a secret plan, based on this.
(rumors from the DNC)

“Basically, we were looking at three- or four-page documents that made Jack Abramoff’s lobbying work look like that of a rank amateur,” says the DNC source. “Between the minority leader’s past in Nevada and here in Washington, and the activities of his sons and son-in-law, there probably isn’t anyone in this town with more conflicts. The Reid family is the symbol of what’s wrong with Washington; it’s their behavior that enabled the culture that spawned people like Abramoff.”

Dean then went public over the weekend, saying that Democrats with an Abramoff problem would be in trouble, not only with voters, but with the Democrat Party. But why attack a senior member of his own party?

Lies, damn lies, statistics

I don’t doubt for a second that this, from the Washington Post is true. “That study found that supporters of President Bush and other conservatives had stronger self-admitted and implicit biases against blacks than liberals did.”

But what does it mean? Think about it – if you’re a bigot, or homophobic or even anti-abortion or a born again Christian how welcome would you feel in today’s Democratic party? By default you would vote GOP simply because no Democrat would ever let you even speak, let alone attempt ajustments to platforms that agree with you.

Funny, funny, funny

The big google filter doesn’t work against bad spellers when there is enough information out there badly spelled! Paul Boutin has the story and pictures.
I tried it myself and sure enough….
Tiananmen vs Tienanmen will give you different image results!
Too tired to try the other two (yahoo, msn). Someone else?

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