This sounds like they are basically nationalizing these oil fields. I thought they already were nationalized from a few years ago. I hope that the US govt just stays out of their way. Chavez will eventually shoot himself in the foot as he works to become a dictator.

The Merry Christmas War

I’m with the Louisiana Libertarian on this one. If retailers can entice nonChristians to buy presents at this time of year they should go for it. If they find it’s hurting their business because sensitive Christians are offended, then they’ll stop. In the meantime, I’ll skip over all the debates on the radio and tv and newspapers. As evil Willow used to say, “bored now”.
(ht Environmental Republican)

Germany’s hostage Exchange

Ok, alleged hostage exchange. Some stories are so wrong you have to follow the links even though you completely trust the blogger. Captain Ed wrote today about the release of a German Hizbollah prisoner. He was wanted by us for killing a Navy diver in 1985. Instead he has been secretly (ok – it’s out in the open now) freed to Lebanon. And guess what? The German hostage in Iraq was freed also!
Hostage taking is horrible. But buying them out is not conducive to the GWOT.