This is it! The big day!!! May all go well!

Iraq the Model has voted and will be keeping us all updated via Pajamas Media. A couple of things to note in their post.
1) “The deployment of Iraqi security forces on the streets was heavy with a noticeable absence of American forces except for their presence in the skies;” and
2) “From what we saw, people feel safer walking to the voting centers this time; many of them were carrying Iraqi flags.”

That’s so cool.

Powerline received a letter from retired Marine John Kline who had just returned from Iraq last week. He fills us in on morale and the steady improvements that have gone on.

Vodkapundit has found a new embed who notes: “that the untold story, might in fact, be a positive one”. Hellllloooo and welcome to election day!

Captain Ed is on an interesting story about some negotiations with insurgents for the elections.

May they/we continue to keep forged ballots from Iran out of this election!