The latest disaster – though we’re not quite done with Avian Flu – is the magnetic pole reversal. Ragged Thots received an email I thought was interesting. I’d never heard this before, but apparently with the weakened magnetic poles, more solar radiation is allowed in which burns ozone layers and potentially increases global warming.

Here’s the quick and dirty google search on this, written in Joe vs scientific language.

I believe we humans and Americans, who have a lot of influence over our surroundings, owe it to the world to keep an eye on what we are doing. If we can make changes to reduce our emissions, that can only be helpful. And yes it looks like we are at least helping somewhat vs signing on to a ridiculous treaty that actually imposes fines on New Zealand.

Also – we have to know that if the govt does too much too soon and people lose jobs etc, then that govt will no longer be in power. There are priorities to consider and while it would be wonderful if we chose the environmental health of the world as the top priority, that really isn’t practical. So, – continue on. Keep an eye on what’s going on, do what can be done (remember the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act and the diesal reduction laws?) , and watch for results. (I can see Pikes Peak from here often! That barely ever happened in the 70s and 80s.)