The Trial

Iraq the Model is watching and giving the local view of this trial.

“One sentence from the Qatari lawyer was enough to show that he was very far from reality, that was when he spoke of “five million children who died because of the sanctions).
I really don’t know where he got this number from but what I know is that his language was a lot similar to Saddam’s who invested the death of Iraqi children to get compassion from the world while he was destroying whole shipments of milk, food and medicine or worse re-exporting to make bloody profits for himself.”

Joe Lieberman

in place of Rumsfield? Instapundit has noticed the talk. If I were Rumsfield, I’d be tired and perhaps ready for retirement but personally I like to listen to him talk. He gets that tone in his voice that may not be conducive to communication with the media, but is at least an honest feeling. And Joe, I’d support him whereever he goes. But it would rankle if the dems get credit for this win after all their “support”.

(that 2nd link is to Jeff Goldstein’s roundup of the latest idiotic things coming out of the mouths of dems)