Monty Python

This shouldn’t be funny – but I can not help but picture that scene in “The Life of Brian” when they were talking about who the enemy was. Rome, The People’s Front of Judea, or the Judean People’s Front or…..until they couldn’t even think who they were!

A hearty “Life’s a piece of shit….” sent out to Zarqawi today!


You have by now heard of this movement started by Glenn Reynolds and NZBear. I recommend you click the links and see where your state stands. It was interesting.

But wouldn’t you agree that this Nasa visit to the moon for 104 billion dollars is about 100 billion dollars of pork that could go to that 200 billion dollars promised to rebuild the south????

I am all for exploration and space travel and nanotech etc, etc, but 104 billion to go the moon again? When the money is clearly needed elsewhere.