2 Views on Pakistan and Waziristan

Captain Ed sees cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan in ousting the Taliban.

The Times of London reports that a new pact between Pakistan and Afghanistan regarding border security will force the Taliban to run for cover. Pervez Musharraf will travel to Kabul for the first time in two years to seal the treaty and to coordinate the implementation of the new border protocols:

Michelle Malkin sees surrender from Pakistan.

Milblogger Bill Roggio warned about Pakistan’s deal-making with the Taliban. Now, Bill reports on the establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Waziristan and has details of the “truce” (that is, surrender) meeting:

There is no way in hell that the US is going to allow a free w independant Taliban country. I’m going with Captain Ed’s opinion. There is something going on all right, but it isn’t as straight forward as a truce. I’ll be back with perfect hindsight later! lol

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