Paul Bremer

You’ll recall my post from Friday concerning MythMaking. Today Paul Bremer follows up the theme a bit by disputing a couple of myths himself. I’ve heard much disrespect for this guy and some of his decisions, and frankly he admits to making some wrong choices in this item but a few of the “myths” really haven’t been followed up with why ‘saying it, makes it so’ and Mr. Bremer addresses these.
Regarding the De-Baathification and disbanding the Iraqi army.

I’ll admit that I’ve grown weary of being a punching bag over these decisions — particularly from critics who’ve never spent time in Iraq, don’t understand its complexities and can’t explain what we should have done differently. These two sensible and moral calls did not create today’s insurgency. Intelligence material we discovered after the war began showed that Hussein’s security forces had long planned to wage such a revolt.

Read the whole thing. It’s also a reminder of what Saddam was like.

It’s good he’s (Saddam) gone.

In other news, Retired General Batiste gives his opinions to the NYTimes concerning bad decisions up the chain of command. He seems to claim that since Bush didn’t listen to him that Bush didn’t listen to any Commanding Officer. I find that hard to believe.