Are you Kidding me?!

The ever so important terrorist watch list that Democrats want to use to deny you your basic rights is rigged.

Although the agency strongly denies any presence of a quota system, Las Vegas-based air marshals have produced documents that show their performance review is directly linked to producing SDRs.

The SDR is a report used to come up with suspected terrorists. Las Vegas apparently has a quota system of these. Just like any government rule, the people in charge will find the easiest way to deal with it until and unless there are consequences.

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Wrong Again?

Say what?

I should probably retire from this business of sharing my opinions online. Especially since they change moment to moment as one truth leads to another and sources are outed as false etc.

JG is right, maybe and I am maybe wrong again and the truth is……
In the end, his real incentive can only be from his words. His words state Islamic extremism.

The quest now is to find out if Islamic extremists help him, abetted him, were a part of this. They chose to take credit but I suppose before killing a bunch of people it’s best to think it through. Again – reasons why I’m not in charge.

One thing I will say though after reading this post recommended by a friend….
Facebook is a problem. We (yes me) boil things down into little snippets of information to make things easy to digest. We must, fb isn’t a book or even a magazine article. It leaves us thinking like Popehat here.

He first uses fb posts to divide the sides and then defines them and then says to not do that.

Interestingly, his definition of “sides” can only be defined by someone within his own Fb walls because mine aren’t quite like that. I know many D’s who are gun rights advocates. Which is why I hope it does become a major issue because people from both sides of the aisle will come together.

I do like his discussion of dogs as an example of the misinformation floating around which make the 2 gun sides really get fed up with one another.

I also think spouse abusers should definitely be denied their gun rights and if they are not convicted, then there should at least be a more thorough investigation into their background before selling them guns. Let’s take some money used to study bizarre things and put it towards FBI background checks so the, if we can’t do it in 3 days, then you get your gun, situation doesn’t take affect. And let’s actually prosecute the laws we have on the books now first before throwing in a bunch of new ones.

more random opinions, probably wrong, from me. Maybe I need to go back to the old blog name…!

I was wrong

It turns out that I was probably wrong rushing to war yesterday. There are good reasons why I’m not in charge.

It’s actually sounding like the murdering rampage in Orlando was by a closeted gay man who hated himself for it. psych 100 (not even 101)

He was influenced by ISIS and ISIS wants credit, but he was of here.


I am ready to go to war over the attack yesterday.

Instead news/posts/fb has all been about the love of your fellow man and how the LGBT community is hurting and how guns needs to be less available. Are you kidding me?

The US of A has been attacked again. I don’t give a rip which club, or facility or wherever. ISIS is taking credit, it is time to let that JV team know why Obama called them the JV team. If we ever decide to actually let our men and women fight without worrying about their human shields, ISIS is done for.

I believe in a God of forgiveness and that He loves ISIS sympathizers as much as He loves me and gay people. BUT – we do not need to lie back and think of England as we are attacked within our borders.

Just like 911 didn’t happen TO New York City, it happened to all of us, Pulse did not just happened to the LGBT community, but to all of us.

Obama, please remember that we are at war.

Fair Play

To be clear – I can’t stand Trump.

To be clear – the one good thing about Trump is that he is at heart a lefty, which means he knows their tactics. Now I don’t actually believe he’s clever enough to use tactics, but I do believe after being raised a lefty, that it comes automatically to him.

So this judge thing with Judge Curiel……Trump is questioning his ability to give Trump a fair trial. Why? Because of the politics of race. From the left, it is assumed that all white men are biased. It’s assumed that white police officers are biased. It’s assumed that before Sotomayer was on the court that it, by definition was biased. But now it has a wise Latina woman so it’s not, even though she will just take the left’s position every time. There is no evidence that she is not biased. It’s assumed that Tea Partiers are racists.

So why – when Trump works with these basic assumptions, he’s the bad guy? He isn’t. He’ll get through this. Judge Alberto Gonzales even agrees with him.

Republicans are telling Trump to “get on the page” or to apologize etc. Trump is digging in Democrat style. In the past Republicans have been respectful and believing in the rule of law. No one of authority questioned AG Holder NOT pressing charges against those Black Panthers intimidating voters. The media did not question Holder’s views. Instead we respectfully stepped aside.

The one good thing Trump is doing is NOT respectfully stepping aside. Is he racist? Pretty much. But aren’t all white people racist anyway? Why not work to get a sympathetic racist white judge to hear his case?

Aside to the GOP: Quit telling the man what to do. He’ll only do the opposite and you’ll end up looking like an idiot for thinking you can control him. You don’t know how to win the presidency. You don’t know what Trump’s appeal is. You only have a media echo chamber telling you why Trump can’t win. If he can’t, he can’t. Let the people know the man and decide. Quit trying to hid him.

Our other option is already a known figure. We need to assess real risks, not the caterwauling of the left.

In perusing the net today I see Ace blogs on this far better than I. He’s got 3 posts, all worthy.
From most recent:
Post 3
Post 2
Post 1

It intrigues me about Trump how none of these “massive fails” of his, never cause him to fall. Perhaps with him absolutely refusing to work the room following the rules of civilized behavior that only fall to the right is doing the trick.
Time will tell.

Diving into Transgender Identities

Today Celina Dugin of the National Review takes on my basic question…..

How does a person know that he/she is transgender? I have 0 idea what a man “feels” like, yet I’m competitive, I get dirty, I like to Jeep and shoot guns. I’ve never had babies, I don’t wear makeup or heels. I don’t like hanging out with a bunch of gaggling girls, though I know plenty of females who are similar.

So what is the definition of a man if not a penis?

And you men out there….how on earth do you know what it means to feel female? Answer, you don’t.

The fluidity of gender/sex/orientation is not definitive. It’s being a tomboy somedays and enjoying good gossip on others. Traits are separate from gender and it irks me that people try to force these into their boxes. Especially on children.

Anyway Celina asks the question in a far better way than I.

Life is Hard

Maggie’s Farm posted this quote from the Z Blog this morning:

Trump is the warning shot. He’s the food riots before the revolution. He’s the stack of letters to the editor in protest over some issue. People do not go from happy to bloody revolt overnight. It’s a process and the early stages are warnings, at least they should be viewed as warnings. If the people in Washington insist on flooding the country with helot labor, despite what’s happening in the election, the people are going to insist on building scaffolds in Washington. The Trump phenomenon is the warning.

This is what I think.
Life is hard. If you wanted change so badly, it would have worked for you to get into position to create change. Run for office, volunteer with political campaigns, write those letters and make those phone calls. But how many people really do that? In reality – not many. Many don’t even bother to vote.
So you get all these heated discussions amongst friends and neighbors and then it explodes with Trump.

Illegal immigration – how many small businesses out there use illegal (and legal) immigrants to get their entry level jobs done? And why? Because we keep increasing minimum wage on the will of the people and we keep insisting on businesses providing more time off, more health care etc, on the will of the people. We want low prices, we want to be healed of cancer. We want subsidies for corn and sugar. We want our new roof in 2 days, not 5. We want nannies and yard people et al. The people that want those things, actually do the work and run for office and volunteer and go to power lunches and use their time to get their needs met vs hanging out and just exploding all over someone like Trump.

If all these Trumpers really cared about the illegal immigrant problem, then we wouldn’t actually have the problem. Instead, they would have insisted that x number of weeks of unemployment was enough and people should go get jobs beyond that. And that sub minimum wage is acceptable for those on unemployment now. Why do businesses require immigrant labor? Is it really because those are the only people willing to work those jobs? And if so, why? Because others don’t need to. (yes Republicans are mean)

It’s an amazing phenomenon, I will grant you that. I will be very surprised if the momentum holds. Why? Because it’s hard work. And people want the easy route.

In Colorado, after the government changed the laws here about the number of bullets people could carry or who could sell what gun when there was a big giant uprising led by a few men who had never voted and 2 officials got ousted. Since then? As a casual observer, I’d say – not much. No law has changed. The governor elected is a Dem.

What happened to the fight? It just disappeared.
Life is hard.

We’ll see what happens. Interesting times folks, interesting times.
We’re like Hank Reardan, staying uninvolved until suddenly you want everything fixed yesterday.

UPDATE: While not a Trump supporter, I will admit, I too want to poke my eyes out anytime I go to a political event. So yes, I blame myself too. I’d rather be doing anything than “getting involved”. Mea culpa