A Trump Win?

This was a good column from Victor Davis Hanson with a couple QOTDs. He’s actually funny in this, where he’s usually pretty serious.
Though frankly he’s serious in his funny!

The Screech-Owl Factor For all his lack of discipline, the media-seasoned Trump is still the better and more robust campaigner………..Hillary is the far more disciplined politico, but she is not so much uncharismatic as downright off-putting. Even on those rare occasions when she listens to her new voice-coach handlers and speaks quietly and deliberately, she still comes off not as reassuring, much less engaging, but rather as artificially trying her best not to revert to her natural screech-owl elocution. Heartfelt recklessness can sometimes wear better than packaged sobriety.
Brawlers know the rules of the street far better than establishmentarians. The Senate is not The Apprentice, and politics is not New York real estate. Ask the trash-talking Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg if she came out on top in dueling with Trump — or whether she virtually destroyed a quarter-century’s reputation in minutes and ended up no better than an elderly version of Rosie O’Donnell in a Supreme Court Justice costume.

Black Lives Matter

Jonah Goldberg writes a really good column today about the events over the last week.

I just wanted to say that I am in agreement with the Black Lives Matter folks who get cranky when people say “all lives matter”. OF COURSE, all lives matter, but THIS movement is concerning black lives and trying to create an environment where blacks are not marginalized, but matter.

Do they? Of course. Do they feel like they don’t? Certainly many don’t feel like they matter. It’s a movement. Let them have their name. Their name does NOT say, “white lives don’t matter” so get a grip talk radio.

Dallas and the Drone

Ed calls it Monday morning quarterbacking and I agree, but I have to say I am more than a little uncomfortable with the use of a robot to blow up a man who was somewhat contained and apparently still talking.
This is from CNN so take it with whatever grain of salt you take it. The bold is mine.

The ambush started with gunshots that killed five officers and sent screaming crowds scrambling for cover. It ended when a Dallas police bomb squad robot killed a gunman after negotiations failed…………………As officials condemned the attack, details emerged about the man who died after a lengthy standoff with police in a parking garage.
Johnson told police negotiators that he was upset about recent police shootings, that he wanted to kill white people — especially white officers — and that he acted alone, the police chief said.
“We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” Brown said. “Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb.”
Johnson had no criminal record or known terror ties, a law enforcement official said.

And Hot Air:

In this case, lethal force was clearly appropriate after hours of attempting to resolve the standoff non-lethally, and the police chose one of their legitimate tools in applying that force.

Again – this is my miscomfort and I am happy I didn’t have to make the call, but basically they blew up a man who was communicating with them from within a parking garage because negotiations failed within a few hours.

We can’t say what normal is as this was extraordinary. I get that the guy confessed. I get that he wanted suicide by cop and the police were done with him. But yes, I am a little uncomfortable with the ability of a government agency being able to act as judge and jury and executioner all in one. I don’t have the answer. A parking garage is pretty open, but starve him out? At least give 48 hours of conversation/negotiations? I don’t know, I wasn’t there and this is Monday morning.

I support the police in Dallas. I walked by a police car in Longmont yesterday and stopped to give thanks and let them know they do a great job here. I have family in law enforcement. I can not imagine. But……principles first.

Is this ok? I am not comfortable with it. You?

Are we moving to this scary world mentioned over at Ace of Spades?

Hot Air comments are mostly on the side of Kill him, kill him good. I think our world is coming apart very quickly now.

I may change my mind as more information comes out.

More information is out, yet I haven’t yet changed my mind about this. 2 hours of talk and lunacy and threats and then a robot bomb. Yes, I’m still uncomfortable with that.

In All Things, Look for the Hope

So let’s look at the Clinton non-inditement…..

Not a single one of us had any expectation that Hillary would be indicted. None of us really believed that. It’s how she got to the top of the primaries. In a real world her party would have kept her from participating until after this date. And then they would have voted her down as being incompetent.

But this is Clinton’s world. And the rules are not their rules.

Comey actually announced that she was guilty and how she was guilty and then said, don’t bother with it.

Banana Republic is what we have right here folks and it will continue and become worse without some massive tilt. And that’s where Trump comes in. Best candidate? Not by a long shot. A loooonnnnnng shot. But, is there another candidate out there that would be willing to point out all the Clinton flaws and bring them to the light of day beyond a holiday weekend? There is not. (though it’s early – so I keep hope alive)

And for me – one person out of millions? Yesterday morning I was still planning on ignoring calls to help walk the precinct. Today I will not. Yesterday afternoon I was able to look a friend in the eye and say, yes – I WILL be voting for Donald Trump. Not because I agree with his policies, his manners, or his hair, but because he is currently the only person able to stop this runaway train of political corruption most clearly noted by Hillary Clinton in many, many ways but by the email scandal yesterday. Hillary’s judgement is clearly not conducive to being president.

Are you Kidding me?!

The ever so important terrorist watch list that Democrats want to use to deny you your basic rights is rigged.

Although the agency strongly denies any presence of a quota system, Las Vegas-based air marshals have produced documents that show their performance review is directly linked to producing SDRs.

The SDR is a report used to come up with suspected terrorists. Las Vegas apparently has a quota system of these. Just like any government rule, the people in charge will find the easiest way to deal with it until and unless there are consequences.

ht Insty

Wrong Again?

Say what?

I should probably retire from this business of sharing my opinions online. Especially since they change moment to moment as one truth leads to another and sources are outed as false etc.

JG is right, maybe and I am maybe wrong again and the truth is……
In the end, his real incentive can only be from his words. His words state Islamic extremism.

The quest now is to find out if Islamic extremists help him, abetted him, were a part of this. They chose to take credit but I suppose before killing a bunch of people it’s best to think it through. Again – reasons why I’m not in charge.

One thing I will say though after reading this post recommended by a friend….
Facebook is a problem. We (yes me) boil things down into little snippets of information to make things easy to digest. We must, fb isn’t a book or even a magazine article. It leaves us thinking like Popehat here.

He first uses fb posts to divide the sides and then defines them and then says to not do that.

Interestingly, his definition of “sides” can only be defined by someone within his own Fb walls because mine aren’t quite like that. I know many D’s who are gun rights advocates. Which is why I hope it does become a major issue because people from both sides of the aisle will come together.

I do like his discussion of dogs as an example of the misinformation floating around which make the 2 gun sides really get fed up with one another.

I also think spouse abusers should definitely be denied their gun rights and if they are not convicted, then there should at least be a more thorough investigation into their background before selling them guns. Let’s take some money used to study bizarre things and put it towards FBI background checks so the, if we can’t do it in 3 days, then you get your gun, situation doesn’t take affect. And let’s actually prosecute the laws we have on the books now first before throwing in a bunch of new ones.

more random opinions, probably wrong, from me. Maybe I need to go back to the old blog name….ithinkthereforeierr.blogspot.com!

I was wrong

It turns out that I was probably wrong rushing to war yesterday. There are good reasons why I’m not in charge.

It’s actually sounding like the murdering rampage in Orlando was by a closeted gay man who hated himself for it. psych 100 (not even 101)

He was influenced by ISIS and ISIS wants credit, but he was of here.


I am ready to go to war over the attack yesterday.

Instead news/posts/fb has all been about the love of your fellow man and how the LGBT community is hurting and how guns needs to be less available. Are you kidding me?

The US of A has been attacked again. I don’t give a rip which club, or facility or wherever. ISIS is taking credit, it is time to let that JV team know why Obama called them the JV team. If we ever decide to actually let our men and women fight without worrying about their human shields, ISIS is done for.

I believe in a God of forgiveness and that He loves ISIS sympathizers as much as He loves me and gay people. BUT – we do not need to lie back and think of England as we are attacked within our borders.

Just like 911 didn’t happen TO New York City, it happened to all of us, Pulse did not just happened to the LGBT community, but to all of us.

Obama, please remember that we are at war.