Update: NCUA spokesman John Fairbanks denied that Operation Choke Point factored into the decision to close Shuetz’s bank account.

“NCUA cannot comment on specifics of any matter involving credit union supervision,” Fairbanks said. “NCUA does not have a policy specific to any business, nor do we instruct a credit union about what individuals or businesses it can serve. The decision to open, close or decline an individual or business account generally lies with the credit union. As the provider of insurance coverage for the accounts of nearly 100 million members in 6,500 credit unions, NCUA requires all those credit unions to evaluate risks posed by accounts and maintain the necessary capacity to effectively manage those risks.”

This is from a story about a bank “forced” to quit working with a gun store by the NCUA. No the NCUA did NOT force the bank to quit dealing with the gun store. Instead, a dozen – a dozen – men from the federal government came into the bank and started getting into their books.

“So they came in, looked at our books, looked at everything and said “here are some accounts that we feel that we’re going to regulate you on,’” the manager explained, adding “so they kind of put the screws to us as far as what we could and couldn’t do.”

What would you? Are you being forced? Is there a gun to your head? That quote from the NCUA is bullpucky.
Why do people choose to hang out on porches vs starting a business they are interested in? It doesn’t matter what business you start, by starting one you will be doing something illegal, or something that could cause a dozen feds to scrutinize you. Seriously. You’re 19, you have no outside resources, you want to start a basketball camp for the kids in the hood. No can do. Who knows how many forms you will miss filing or due dates you’ll be late on. Far better just to play basketball then to try and make money at it.

Got lost in a tangent there….this is about a Federal Government Operation. Operation Chokepoint to close down gun shops. Gun shops are a business, they are bound to a billion regulations as are their banks and their insurers etc. If the Federal Government wants you to close. You will.

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The Big Reveal

Diplomad on the “march”

I am sick of hearing about the Paris “Peace” march or “Unity” rally or whatever the lame MSM deems to call it at any particular time. It was not an act of bravery, a show of lack of fear, of standing up to terrorism.

Nope. Not at all. No, sir.

It was a very typical, in fact, an extremely typical leftist/progressive/narcissist manifestation akin to so many others we have seen over the years. It was replete with the usual trademarks of progressivism: prancing and preening; empty slogans and rhetoric; and equally empty gestures and cartoonish props, e.g., giant pencils, rakishly worn bandanas, silly make-up, etc. It was a manifestation on steroids by people who would put lame bumper stickers such as the one below on a PRIUS. [picture the standard coexist sticker]

It was also a show by spoiled brats who forget that they have the freedoms they have thanks to 18- and 19-year-old kids willing to pick up a gun and go to war in far off lands against the monsters threatening our homes and families. Continental Europe, especially, has been living in a bubble of safety and security provided by British and American young men. When that bubble gets pierced, the spirit of Petain returns.

He goes on, so don’t miss it.

A Charlie Hebdo cartoonist agrees.
while in Turkey….Turkey?…seriously?
the latest cartoons were included in an article at the Turkish Daily.


My tiny little itty bitty protest and empty gesture in an attempt to prove I’m not lame. LOL
I am of course as lame as anyone, but I do appreciate those out there picking up guns to deal with this. Including those in Nigeria who desperately need our help. France has the means and can deal themselves. Can we work on Boko Haram at all? Or are we done? At this point Diplomad is right, we have no president so I suspect we’re done for now. May God keep this country upright until we can correct ourselves. See next post.

Freedom of Speech

Me thinks Tanya Cohen doesn’t know what it means.

Michael Walsh has the vetting if you prefer.

ht Maggie’s Farm

Bottom line, “freedom” for Tanya means you are free to say and express only what she seems to think it’s ok to say and express. [tangent: Looking at the art work mentioned, I would have assumed it was an antiracist expression of outrage regarding the KKK, not proKKK art]

She and Muslim Terrorists in Paris France should get along well. Well – right up until she tells them that saying Allahu Akbar is somehow homophobic or something.

Liberty includes the liberty to do things that other people don’t like.
Liberty also includes the responsibility of culture to shame those who are using their liberty to do things that other people don’t like. Since shame is no longer allowed, we end up with all the laws.

What’s the latest…..manspreading. Ok – it’s not at the law level yet, but we’ll see. Certainly NYC is working on outlawing the overweight.

Instead of killing people, perhaps Muslim whack jobs should explain peaceably even loudly and obnoxiously why Muhammad was so great. As Rand Paul says….“We could try Freedom for a While”. (ht Maggie’s farm again) In regards to free speech, I think it’s worked out pretty well here in this country.

Team America/The Interview

Blame the studios and the theaters all you want to but be sure to look in the mirrors too.
If one person, (dare I say, 1 child) were to die while watching either movie at the theater the lawsuits would be all over the map.
Can you afford that?
Are you willing to empty your bank account to cover the insurance needed for “The Interview” to be covered completely?
Anyone who’s ever thought about sueing due to their lung cancer after smoking, or their medical bills after not picking up their feet on a sidewalk, or spilling coffee on themselves is to blame for this.

The terrorists didn’t make this plan, they just can make use of who we are now.
In multiple ways….Tom’s Brokows message last night was that Sony learned to not put things in emails when they might have learned to “not be jerks”.

Here instead of learning that Sony and Paramount are cowards, we might learn that we are a nation of suers, always looking for easy money.

Christmas night, lets Netflix flow Team America and the next time someone does something idiotic and wants to sue, stand up for the shop owner or the big business or the doctor or whoever else they are hoping to get their millions from.

MIndfulness Meditation

One of the tenets of any meditation is the “no judgement” rule.
Your thoughts come and go but you don’t judge them. You observer them as thoughts and let them pass on through.

Ideally mindfulness helps you to become less judgmental all around.

And perhaps, this is just an observation, but I keep hearing derision….do you?

The segment featured Rep. Tim Ryan (D., Ohio), a so-called “rock star among mindfulness evangelists” who earmarked nearly $1 million to teach mindfulness to preschool students in his district. The $982,000 project provided deep breathing exercises, and “Peace Corners” for kids in Youngstown, Ohio.

Ryan said he practices mindfulness on the House Budget Committee and hosts weekly meditation sessions for members and staff. No Republicans attend.

Seriously, what does that mean, “No Republicans attend”? Does it mean they don’t meditate? No. Does it mean they are busy with other things? Maybe? Who the hell knows. I hear judgement in that sentence.

Ebola by the Numbers

In November I wrote that the numbers the media had been reporting on Ebola looked suspect.

What ticks me off is the use of numbers taken out of thin air by folks who basically want more money. Why not be honest? The numbers are bad enough as it is.

According to Michael Fumento who wrote on this back in August, I am right.

The political chiefs at the WHO — and at our own Centers for Disease Control — were promoting hysteria in bids for more funding. They either refused to look for the facts, or ignored them.
The simple truth is this: Epidemics have been peaking and disappearing throughout history, long before there were health organizations, vaccines or effective treatments. Ebola was no different.

Crazy making.