Diving into Transgender Identities

Today Celina Dugin of the National Review takes on my basic question…..

How does a person know that he/she is transgender? I have 0 idea what a man “feels” like, yet I’m competitive, I get dirty, I like to Jeep and shoot guns. I’ve never had babies, I don’t wear makeup or heels. I don’t like hanging out with a bunch of gaggling girls, though I know plenty of females who are similar.

So what is the definition of a man if not a penis?

And you men out there….how on earth do you know what it means to feel female? Answer, you don’t.

The fluidity of gender/sex/orientation is not definitive. It’s being a tomboy somedays and enjoying good gossip on others. Traits are separate from gender and it irks me that people try to force these into their boxes. Especially on children.

Anyway Celina asks the question in a far better way than I.

Life is Hard

Maggie’s Farm posted this quote from the Z Blog this morning:

Trump is the warning shot. He’s the food riots before the revolution. He’s the stack of letters to the editor in protest over some issue. People do not go from happy to bloody revolt overnight. It’s a process and the early stages are warnings, at least they should be viewed as warnings. If the people in Washington insist on flooding the country with helot labor, despite what’s happening in the election, the people are going to insist on building scaffolds in Washington. The Trump phenomenon is the warning.

This is what I think.
Life is hard. If you wanted change so badly, it would have worked for you to get into position to create change. Run for office, volunteer with political campaigns, write those letters and make those phone calls. But how many people really do that? In reality – not many. Many don’t even bother to vote.
So you get all these heated discussions amongst friends and neighbors and then it explodes with Trump.

Illegal immigration – how many small businesses out there use illegal (and legal) immigrants to get their entry level jobs done? And why? Because we keep increasing minimum wage on the will of the people and we keep insisting on businesses providing more time off, more health care etc, on the will of the people. We want low prices, we want to be healed of cancer. We want subsidies for corn and sugar. We want our new roof in 2 days, not 5. We want nannies and yard people et al. The people that want those things, actually do the work and run for office and volunteer and go to power lunches and use their time to get their needs met vs hanging out and just exploding all over someone like Trump.

If all these Trumpers really cared about the illegal immigrant problem, then we wouldn’t actually have the problem. Instead, they would have insisted that x number of weeks of unemployment was enough and people should go get jobs beyond that. And that sub minimum wage is acceptable for those on unemployment now. Why do businesses require immigrant labor? Is it really because those are the only people willing to work those jobs? And if so, why? Because others don’t need to. (yes Republicans are mean)

It’s an amazing phenomenon, I will grant you that. I will be very surprised if the momentum holds. Why? Because it’s hard work. And people want the easy route.

In Colorado, after the government changed the laws here about the number of bullets people could carry or who could sell what gun when there was a big giant uprising led by a few men who had never voted and 2 officials got ousted. Since then? As a casual observer, I’d say – not much. No law has changed. The governor elected is a Dem.

What happened to the fight? It just disappeared.
Life is hard.

We’ll see what happens. Interesting times folks, interesting times.
We’re like Hank Reardan, staying uninvolved until suddenly you want everything fixed yesterday.

UPDATE: While not a Trump supporter, I will admit, I too want to poke my eyes out anytime I go to a political event. So yes, I blame myself too. I’d rather be doing anything than “getting involved”. Mea culpa

Colorado Delegates

For those of you complaining about not having your vote for Trump count, it did. It counted in your caucus when you sat back and did nothing when they were looking for folks to go to the county assembly. Then it counted again at the county assembly when you voted for who you wanted to send to the state convention.
Oh – wait, many people didn’t want to go to the state convention. It’s way over there in Co Springs. Oh well, we have enough volunteers, let’s go drink beer.

Now – NOW you are asking for the state to change the rules so that your guy can win. Bullpucky. You change the rules now and suddenly I am cheated. Let it go. You lost Colorado.
Your man is NOT organized. He doesn’t ‘hire the best people’, and he apparently can’t read. Nor can his supporters.
I’m talking to you Drudge.

Ari Armstrong has a very nice roundup of how things work here in Colorado. (ht ThreeSources)

Funny News Story out of the Times-Call

You have to see this story to believe it.
Eh, nevermind….I’ll give you a peek at the photo.
Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 7.19.30 AM

This is a story of Biden coming to CU to discuss campus sexual assault.

“Guys, look in the mirror and ask yourself, ‘Are you being the man you think you are?'” Biden said near the end of an hour-long speech on the Boulder campus Friday afternoon.

“I know it takes courage,” he added. “You’re worried about being socially ostracized by your fraternity brothers or the team or whatever. We have to change the dynamic and socially ostracize the abusers.”

Dude, get a mirror.

Abortion Politics

Trump says a lot of ridiculous things, but his statement on abortion was one of the least and one of the MOST respectful of women that he’s made.

The first-time candidate showed how little he understands about the politics of abortion by suggesting that “there has to be some kind of punishment” if abortion were made illegal.

“For the woman?” asked progressive partisan Chris Matthews of MSNBC. Mr. Trump: “Yeah, there has to be some form.” He added that men who impregnate women who have an abortion should not be punished.

The remarks caused an uproar—on the right and left—when the network released them Wednesday. Not even the most fervent abortion opponent favors punishing a woman who has one. If Roe v. Wade were overturned, opponents would try to pass laws that punish abortion providers or the clinics where they take place. Mr. Trump’s remarks were thus a political gift to Democrats and the left, who would like nothing better than to stereotype abortion opponents as misogynists who want to put women in jail.

In other words, for those on the correct side of abortion politics, women are weak, delicate creatures who’s decisions are easily influenced by doctors and men and who are the victims of these people who must be protected.

Vs the Donald Trump world view…..If abortion is illegal and a woman chooses to have one anyway, then she understands the consequences and needs to face them.
Who respects women the most?

(ps – I am on some days a never trumpster but he made a valid point here until he had to walk it back due to the “politics of abortion”)