Yearly Rant on Everyone Else Determining what Everyone Else Should Do on Thanksgiving

Matt Walsh thinks you ought to be deported if you shop on Thanksgiving. Why? Because there ought to be a day that no one shops. Maybe he could decree that day on Tuesday instead of Thanksgiving.

But then we can go deeper still, and talk about the value of tradition and family, and whether our obsession with consuming products and merchandise has made it harder for us to appreciate both of those things. So I don’t know if you’ll follow me on this one or not, but I feel very strongly about it. We should be able to cool it for one day — just one day — and enjoy something that isn’t sold on a rack at Target.

As in ALL reasons that people want to make rules for your life Matt has determined that you ARE to have a nice Thanksgiving at home with your family, giving thanks. It doesn’t matter what sort of family you have, how far away you live from them, whether you’ve just moved to a new location, whether you really aren’t fond of people at all, you WILL have a nice Thanksgiving surrounded by people, just not shoppers.

Oh and by the way, you MUST celebrate this sacred day on Thursday next week. Even though you can earn double time and a half, you are NOT to eat your big meal of thanksgiving on Friday or on Wednesday, it MUST be Thursday else we deport you.

Oh – but wait, we do have exceptions. Hospitals, police, gas stations (going to grandmother’s house you know), hotels, and those servants who are to serve the food at Matt’s elitist abode where he gets to decree what you are to do on Thanksgiving day itself. Grocery stores? How about that…when you’ve forgotten the milk, should they be open? Or just the gas station groceries? I’m not real clear on the line. Something to do with consumerism. So I suppose we ought to shut down the internet lest anyone peruse a new coat there. Restaurants are probably ok for those people who can’t cook. But what about McDonalds? Should people be allowed to eat a Big Mac on Thanksgiving?

Let me know.

UPDATE: I need to ht Maggie’s Farm

And as long as I’m here….broadcasters still should work and provide entertainment, football players, those involved in the Macy’s day parade. It’s just your form of entertainment that is verboten. Shopping. No can do. You have consumed enough already.


It’s a curious thing about the news these days with Gruber…..
and I suspect at least Rush has it, but where are all the people who spoke up about the truth as even Gruber knows it way back in 2008, 2009?

None of the machinations are a surprise. People talked about how health care prices would go up, how the healthy would pay for the unhealthy, we discussed getting the government involved in fat reduction just to keep the healthy from complaining about the unhealthy, etc, etc. Even the tax/penalty situation was talked about and the tax on cadillac plans everyone knew would end up in the consumer’s lap.

Why don’t news stories mention….”so and so said” then Gruber could go about his business saying that everyone knew anyway. ??

Anyhoo, Gaypatriot knows that he knew:

I am not a Harvard trained economist, but it was always obvious to me that the mathematics of Obamacare were simply impossible, absent a miracle.

Add millions of people to the health care system
Require that everybody in the health care system receive more services.
Reduce cost of health care.
Unless all the doctors and nurses in the country were replaced with magical elves riding on unicorns, the third bullet was always mathematically impossible given the first two. Giving more stuff to more people costs more, not less. How could it possibly be otherwise?

Obamacare leads to head explosions

Obamacare leads to head explosions, at least after reading what Mr. Coyoteblog has to put up with.
Go read the whole thing, for this guy who runs campgrounds (I think) and hires mostly retired people on Medicare.
Here are 2 potential penalties and his situation.

The “A” penalty is for companies that do not offer any sort of health plan, no matter how crappy, to their full-time employees. The A penalty in this case is $2,000 per full-time employee, with the first 30** free (so with 60 FT employees and no health plan, the penalty is (60-30) x $2,000 = $60,000 a year.
The “B” penalty is for companies that avoid the “A” penalty. If a health plan is offered, but is not affordable (ie the employee monthly share of premiums is higher than a government-set floor) then the company gets penalized $3,000 for every full-time employee who both goes into an exchange and gets a plan with a government-subsidized premium. There is a cap on the “B” penalty that it can be no higher than if the “A” penalty was applied to the whole company.
But we had expected to avoid the A penalty by offering some sort of policy to our employees. ……………………………..

But it turns out that all the things that protect us from the B penalty make us almost un-insurable. First and foremost, insurers have a minimum participation rate they demand. They are not going to go through all the overhead costs of setting you up on their plan if no one is going to sign up.



Not a lot of news to comment on today, so I’ll comment on the big shirt storm situation where feminists had a cow about this shirt shirt
but not this no shirt photograph. Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.16.06 AM
Example one is a brilliant man with a funny tshirt and feminists are upset because they think this photograph will make little girls opt out of the sciences.
Example two is of a mother and person famous for being famous being shown in a fake photograph that clearly states to the world that women with small waists with big rears are the most worthy of magazine coverage and going to “break the internet”.
Kim is a beautiful woman who can stand on her own for being famous because she’s famous yet they went and removed half her body from this famous photo. Feminists have little to nothing to say about what THAT image and what it will do to little girls who usually at little girl age want to grow up and be mommies. (to the right is a photo taken a few weeks ago)Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 7.18.24 AM

Women are insane and ought to look into the mirror for their next stupid ride into insult land. Because I tell you what, as a little girl, the LAST thing I’d want to do right now is grow up to be a bitchy feminist who wants to control everyone around me.

Ebola, Numbers and Trust

Let’s see now……as of September 23, according to the CDC they are predicting 550,000 – 1.5 million cases of Ebola in West Africa by January 1.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a report Tuesday predicting as many as 550,000 to 1.4 million cases of the Ebola virus in Liberia and Sierra Leone alone, by the end of January.

According to the Doctors without Borders 50-80% of those with Ebola die.

The current outbreak kills between 50 and 80 percent of those infected in West Africa, according to Doctors Without Borders.

The CDC numbers are more like 20-60%.
Yet Liberia has lifted it’s state of emergency. “More than 5000″ people have died there which is a vague number. Currently there are about 14,000 cases.
Let’s look low…..IF half of the expected 550,000 cases are in Liberia and 20% of those people die from Ebola, you’re looking at 45,000 deaths. That doesn’t appear to be realistic.

I understand it’s not over.
I understand this is absolutely terrible and I want them to work for a cure.
I understand that these countries need help and money.

What ticks me off is the use of numbers taken out of thin air by folks who basically want more money. Why not be honest? The numbers are bad enough as it is.

Weight Gain

This article cracked me up:

A new Arizona State study is generating a lot of talk on the subject of why some (most in the study) women gain weight after starting an exercise regimen.

This after noting the women’s eating habits were normal and didn’t change during the study.

Conclusion…..If after a month you’ve gained weight, exercise more. !

“So the takeaway is, if you want to use exercise to lose weight, get on the bathroom scales after a month, and if you’re not losing weight, look at the rest of your life — make sure you’re not eating more [or] sitting too much and you might actually succeed in losing weight,” she says.

New York Gun Laws

A couple of things about this story titled “Buffalo police now coming to homes after funerals to look for guns”.

1) Why? Doesn’t everyone just follow the law? Isn’t that the point of gun laws? Pass a law that bad guys can’t have guns, then bad guys won’t have guns.

Buffalo, New York police are now visiting the homes of those recently departed in search of firearms as part of a new plan to help keep tabs on local guns.

2) People like to believe that police officers will never be a part of the political takeover, but here it’s the Police Commissioner who came up with this plan that treats family members as if they will NOT follow the law and turn in these guns that apparently can not be passed down in the family without proper over site. Should the IRS Commissioner also visit these homes to confiscate any property where the death tax hasn’t been paid yet?

Slippery slope my friends, slippery slope.

Snopes: No Longer the Go To Place for the Truth

A lot of the news out this week concerning Gruber and the “stupidity of the American voter” you have seen.

As an aside, here is a column about the man who actually LISTENED to Gruber and other architects of Obamacare and then got the story out – vs you know, a reporter. (ht Instapundit who notes the mild mannered investment adviser is officially a member of the Army of Davids now.)

Weinstein [the investment adviser], back at home, was stunned at the reaction. Why did he keep finding Gruber gaffes? Why didn’t the press glom onto this stuff first?

“It’s terrifying that the guy in his mom’s basement is finding his stuff, and nobody else is,” he says. “I really do find this disturbing.”

But – whatever…..we KNEW this. While this SHOULD be important to reports who should be reporting the news, the facts, the story – this isn’t news. We already knew this although the smoking gun had not been found.
So what IS new? This here:

Snopes is a member of the left wing, lying, Democrat protecting, report skewing media who’s existence is only there to keep you in the dark and to try to get you to groupthink to the left.

Anywho, let’s now take a trip over to Snopes, which decided that completely destroying its credibility was a good move for the week. First, Snopes writes up the “claim” in this way: “Claim: “Obamacare architect” Jonathan Gruber recently said Obamacare only passed due to the “stupidity” of the American voter and a lack of “transparency,” and video footage of his remarks was deleted from the internet.

Then, stunningly, it describes it as a mixture of truth and non-truth.

Click through for the vetting. Snopes is done for.

ht Ace of Spades who has gotten angry